Group Personal Training for the Inexperienced

From personal experience in teaching the MMAXOUT Fitness program, we have taken the needs of our members very seriously.  In conducting group personal training sessions new members are intimidated to enter a class with our more seasoned members.  They feel a plethora of ways.  Competitiveness that they have to keep up, defeatist mentality that they need prior conditioning levels in order to fully complete a session, and safety/insecurity that they will not get hurt and will be properly instructed during the course of exertion.  MMAXOUT has taken these concerns and solved them in a number of group personal training satisfying ways.  We example and mandate modifications of each exercise specific to bodily limitations.  Lets be honest, we want you to be part of MMAXOUT, it’s a question of how are we holding up our end of the bargain to meet your needs through our methods of group personal training if we don’t know what your needs are.  So, we evaluate exactly who you are and where MMAXOUT fits your lifestyle.  Our goal is to make you a self-starting fitness informed member experiencing guaranteed results.  MMAXOUT group personal training allows one class to cater to each experience level without harm and with results.

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