Mixed Martial Arts


MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, so it’s really no surprise that MMAXOUT is one of the best conditioning workouts ever, and it’s unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Where can you get the most intense, fat-burning workout in as little as 30 minutes?  Mmaxout’s functional fitness high intensity workouts guarantee you the most effective results possible in just 30 minutes.  Exceedingly 100% more successful than going to a franchise gym and strictly doing your typical cardio and weight routine.  The best thing about our 30 minute workout is it will not only be the most effective but it will be the most intense as well.

By working close to your maximal heart rate, you will be burning the most calories, and causing the most physiological changes to your body that will be beneficial to fat loss.  Not only will you burn fat during your workout, but you will continue to burn fat throughout the rest of the day through EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).  EPOC is the measurably increased rate of oxygen intake following strenuous activity intended to erase the body’s oxygen debt.


Why are our functional training workouts are proven to work so well?

Mmaxout lasts 30 minutes- resulting in a short workout time that anyone can integrate into their lifestyle.
Mmaxout classes can increase VO2 max for both high-intensity and endurance athletes.  VO2 max is the max amount of oxygen a person can use and transport during exercise.  You want this number to be high because it enables us to use more fat as fuel instead of glucose.  Since our fat stores tend to be much higher than glycogen stores, it is preferential to be able to get the highest percentage of fuel from fat during exercise.
Mmaxout incorporates interval training, resistance training, strength training, and core work. No exercise equipment is needed to get in the best shape of your life!
 mma fitness conditioning certification

MMAXOUT Class Preparation

  1. Arrive 15 min prior to class to start to warm up (always on board)
  2. Bring water, towel, gloves, and sneakers to every class
  3. Have a membership card with you at each class
  4. Each class is a learning session: Have respect for others & NO talking



With such high demand for classes, MMAXOUT functional fitness has decided to add time slots to the schedule for ‘open floor’ for Mmaxout classes.
Open floor offers opportunities for members who aren’t capable of making specific class times. The open floor is also ingenious for those who are self-motivated and enjoy working out without an instructor’s motivation. So what exactly does an open floor consist of? Simple. There will be specific workouts designated for those open floor classes. Workouts will be explained on the whiteboard and you have the capability to come in on your own and complete the designated workout during those specific times.


Mmaxout functional training has now raised the bar for its elite members who show interest in excelling past their personal best.
Workouts will remain the same for a consecutive 4 weeks for both programs. Within those 4 weeks, members have the capability to come in and test and try to beat their own personal best. Each time a member requests to be tested, during the time slots available, they will be monitored by an instructor and timed. Tests are a great way to improve strength and speed!



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