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We’re a coaching and online training program, not a gym. You don’t pay for use of equipment you don’t use; you’re paying for top-notch coaching and instruction to ensure your success in all aspects of fitness training and nutrition.

Each time you come and train, you will be coached under the supervision of a certified Trainer, and each workout is designed to teach you proficiency that will get you better results than you’ve ever had in the past

MMAXOUT, Bag Conditioning, Kick Boxing, MMA Fitness, Battle Ropes, Kettle Bells, Self Defense, Strength Training and Plyo Metrics

In as little as 30 minutes a day, you will endure an intense conditioning workout that increases your flexibility, power, and speed. At the same time, you’ll experience a “Fitness with an Attitude” that radiates through your entire life, allowing you to tackle the world with confidence, calmness, and poise. Berks County Fitness Classes…

There are no crazy fitness machines to jump on or wasted time at the boring, monotonous gym with NO RESULTS. MMAXOUT Fitness, on the other hand, will provide you with an ingenious fat-burning workout that uses your own body resistance.  You work up to a more advanced muscle-building routine that uses simple equipment. Appropriate for any fitness level!  You’ll discover how to increase the intensity of your workout by doing each exercise perfectly for maximum intensity and maximum results — all in a minimum amount of time.

When you increase your intensity, you will trigger maximum muscle growth stimulation. Your muscles will respond to the demands you place on them.

You’ll get everything you need in one place, with no hidden costs — You won’t find this in any corporate gym.  Hiring a personal trainer you would go broke before you got in shape… MMAXOUT Fitness provides everything for one low monthly cost plus we GUARANTEE RESULTS.

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