Preventative Health

Creating a fitness plan to support a lifestyle through all stages of age and growth is imperative to maintaining good health.  Preventative health starts with an early attack on understanding what and when a body needs its exertion, fuel, and attention.  Dedication and long-term plans start with a regular level of exertion, or exercise.  Three to four times a week for at least 40 minutes is the recommended dose of physical activity.  Next, properly fueling your body is essential to supporting the dedication to long-term exercise planning.  Proper intake of proteins and carbohydrates pre and post physical activity are key.  For weight loss goals keep your nutrition plan at low-fat, low-sodium and low sugar levels.  Finally, attention!  The body needs proper attention to prevent injury and complete your fitness plan and work towards preventative health measures.  An occasional massage, proper shoes, hydration during physical activity and proper rest are just the tip of the self-maintenance iceberg.  A fitness plan can emerge and be complied differently for everyone.  It’s important to customize your plan to fit into your lifestyle or have someone do it for you.  Personal trainers are in business to keep you looking good and also help prevent future health issues.

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