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Why is it the most optimal time to open a Mmaxout gym?  

In short, Mmaxout, now worldwide, is undeniably the fastest growing fitness program around.  Our license is multiplying, classes are doubling & members are achieving amazing results.  There’s no comparison in the fitness industry when it comes to choosing a gym.  When contemplating opening a gym, you should consider what creates excitement & motivation, what gives your clients long term, permanent results.

And what does that?  Mmaxout fitness:  Mixed Martial Arts Extreme Workout.  Whether you want additional incitement & revenue in your life or your ready to make a complete career change, Mmaxout fulfills both.  Mmaxout fitness is not just a gym.  We are an extraordinary program that incorporates many different principles.  Our program focuses on muscle confusion.  You will be guaranteed radical, energizing workouts that confuse your body into dramatic, lasting results.

Within weeks, you will have an established fitness facility.  Not only will you maintain a large client base, but you will be astounded how quickly that client base multiples.  Success comes from finding the right piece to complete the puzzle.  We, at Mmaxout, are the final piece to the puzzle.  We guarantee you prosperity & success with our program.  Now is the time to accompany our team and open your own Mmaxout gym.  Guaranteed success, guaranteed results and a promising business future!

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MMAXOUT is the #1 Adult MMA/Cardio Fitness Program

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Why will you benefit from such a successful team?  We believe strongly in two things: highly trained professional instructors and innovative MMA/fitness programs.  If your looking to drive your business and fitness career, the MMA/Fitness Leaders Summit is beneficial for you.

Here is some of what we offer:
* Better your management techniques
* Build your membership growth
* Improve your retention
* Enhance the quality of your club
*  Intense physical training

We are a proven successful team of professionals.  We not only offer a well developed, strategic, professional program, but we also drive your business.  We guarantee you the results you have been dreaming of.  How do we know this?  Because we have done it over and over again.

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Kettle Bell certification for personal trainers

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Scott Rohrbach MMAXOUT Boot Camp Instructor

MMAXOUT Scott Rohrbach the creator of MMAXOUT Anywhere

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Tire Throw 2 attempts

Tire Pull hand over hand



Accurate Kick (Standing) 2 attempts

Double round kick, one low and one high.  Scored byaccuracy to center of a bull’s-eye.


30 Second Speed Kick

Most alternating kicks possible in 30 seconds.

Must hear leg tap on the bag.


30 Second Speed Punch

Most alternating punches possible in 30 seconds.

Must hear glove tap on bag.


Endless Kick (Alternating)

Kicker will kick until they can no longer kick.

Will be scored by kicks per second.

Time ends at 10 minutes.

Must hear leg tap on the bag.


Endless Punch (Jab Cross)

Puncher will punch until they can no longer punch.

Will be scored by punches per second.

Time ends at 10 minutes.

Must hear glove tap on bag.


Accurate Kick (Jumping) 2 attempts

Scored  by accuracy to center of a bull’s-eye.  Single kick.


Accurate Punch (double jab, low+high) 2 attempts

Scored by accuracy to center of a bull’s-eye.



Kettlebell Swings

Most swings possible.  Max time 5 minutes.  Scored by time/reps.


Strongest ABS

Hanging with knees to chest.  Ranked by time able to hold the position.

Ladder Challenge

Stepping and agility movement through a ladder on the floor.  Exampled before competition.  Single point deductions for incorrect movements, stepping on the ladder.  Scored on accuracy and time.



Scored by total number accomplished in one hang.



Scored by the number of pushups accomplished in 1 minute.

Special thank you…..

Chase Insurance Associates for donating all of the water for the games!

Shurfine Foods for donating the fruit and snacks!

201 West for the use of the parking lot and support!

All of our members, trainers and family who have contributed to the success of our business and helping put MMAXOUT Games together!!

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MMAXOUT Instructor Alisa Norton (workout of the day)

Alisa norton trains under bruce drago mma workout program

Start off with 5 suicides sprints

Mark a starting point then mark 4 points out from the starting point that are equal distances from each other (about 10 paces between points)

Run out to the 1st point and then back to the starting point

Run out to the 2nd point and then back to the starting point

Run out to the 3rd point and then back to the starting point

Run out to the 4th point and then back to the starting point

Take a 10 sec. break

Repeat 4 more times.

Do 10 sets of the following exercises: (10 Push Ups, 10 Squats & 10 Mountain Climbers = 1 set)

10 Push ups

-Place your hands shoulder width apart on the floor under your chest, legs extended

behind you : raise and lower your body by bending at the elbows, keeping your body

straight by holding stomach muscles tight and keeping your eyes looking ahead.

Complete 9 more reps.

10 Squats

-Standing with feet a little more than shoulder width apart, slowly lower your buttocks

by bending at the knee and putting your weight on your heels.  Your knees shouldn’t

pass your toes. Once you have gone down as far as you can, push through your heels

and squeeze your hamstrings and glutes to bring you back into a standing position, that

is one rep. Repeat 9 more times.

10 Mountain Climbers

-Start in a pushup position with arms extended under the chest, shoulder width apart

and legs extended behind you.  Brace your abs and slowly bring one knee towards your

chest. Touch the toe to the ground and then return your foot to the start position.

Do the same motion with the other leg, this is one rep. Continue to alternate legs until

10 reps are completed.

Finish with 4 minutes of Extended Leg Crunches: 20 seconds  with 10 second break

Lay on your back with your hands under your head to support your neck, extend your

legs without letting your feet touch the floor. Tighten the abs and bend your knees and

bring your legs into your chest while at the same time lifting your shoulders off of the

floor to bring your elbows to your knees. Lower shoulders to the floor and extend the

legs again without letting the feet touch the floor.  Repeat process for 20 seconds then take

a 10 second break.  Repeat 7 more times.

MMAXOUT Instructor

Alisa Norton

MMA Workout