OutDoor Boot Camp by MMAXOUT Fitness

Coral Springs #1 Kickboxing Program

Do each workout for 10 sets b4 you go to the next exercise

  • 10 sets of Mountain Climbers up a hill, they are a combo of bear crawls with mountain climber type of exercise, make sure you bring your knees to your chest as close as possible…  NO TIME LIMIT Go until you drop
  • 10 Dive Bombers 10 sets this is a badass shoulder, ab and lower back workout, so JUST DO IT
  • Lunges up hill and down hill and that’s just one set, you got to do  10 sets of them

So keep in mind you do one exercise 10 sets then go to the next and so on…

NO Time Limit just keep on going… Make sure you have a long enough hill to do the workout… Surprise your class, tell them on this speical day we are meeting at a park to do and intense outdoor workout… They love this stuff, try you may like… Oh by they way take a ton of business card we always have people coming up asking what we are doing and we simply say (MMAXOUT) here is our card…

Florida Best Kickboxing program in Coral Springs


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