Workout Conversation (Interesting)

One of our members Christine, who lost 50 pounds working out at MMAXOUT was talking to a friend who trains at a gym and Christine asked hows your workout going. Her friend stated well I first started by running the treadmill for 40 minutes and then I went and did some ab workouts. Really I use to do a similar routine at the gym until I joined MMAXOUT.

Her friend then ask Christine so what kind of workout are you doing, Christine answered with smile and said well I started by doing sledge hammers hitting a huge tire to work my abs and shoulders, then did hill sprints for 10 laps, went into the MMAXOUT center did kickboxing for 20 minutes for a full body workout then we did some ploymetrics to strengthen the whole body plus we ended with full body stretches. Christine then stated I GOT MMAXOUT đŸ™‚

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