What role does SALT play in my NUTRITION LIFESTYLE?

Lets keep it simple…low salt, low blood pressure, low water retention COMBINED with proper nutrition AND exercise addresses initial efforts of weight loss

The Facts and The Reason:


  • Salt has nothing do to with fat loss.
  • High consumption of salt causes water retention.  Low consumption of salt expels water.
  • Crash Diets that boast QUICK weight loss will emphasize low salt for a TEMPORARY fix to weight issues.  The weight comes back with your first bag of chips.
  • High levels of salt in our diets usually come from calorie dense (weight gainer), fiber poor, processed foods, like those found in fast food and restaurant meals, as well as on supermarket shelves.
  • If you adhere to a low salt nutrition plan, it will likely consist of the lower calorie, healthier foods associated with weight loss.


  • Though the terms are often used interchangeably, salt and sodium are not the same thing. Sodium, which is found naturally in most foods, accounts for approximately 40% of table salt.
  • When salt is added to food, the sodium content increases by approximately 40% of the amount of salt added.
  • Weight gains comprise of 3 components, fat, water and lean weight. As weight is gained all 3 components vary according to several factors, the most common include diet, activity level, genetics.
  • The average diet in the western world is commonly made up of fast, packaged or convenient foods.  These always consist of high levels of salt and salt contains sodium.  If a diet is mainly composed of high sodium foods then naturally the sodium intake also rises thus extra weight is gained quickly as the body holds onto water.  It has been estimated that many people in the UK and USA may be carrying up to 5lbs of extra weight due tot he effects of high sodium intake.


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