Eat Complete – 7 Meal Plan


Breakfast – 6:30am

Omlette – 4 Egg Whites, 1 Egg Yolk, 2 Baby Portobello mushrooms, onions to taste, 1/4 cup sweet peppers (add ingredients to taste)

Snack – 8:30am

Protein bar (3 or less sugars)

Snack – 10:30am

Fat-Free Cottage cheese with choice of sliced fruit mixed in

Lunch – 12:30p

Sliced Chicken Breast on Spinach leaves, sliced almonds, sliced onions, sliced grapes dressed with EVOO and Apple Cider Vinegar

Snack – 2:30pm

Rice Cake (I use corn cakes) with Peanut Butter spread on top

Snack – 5pm (1 hr before workout)

Protein shake with Fat Free Milk

Dinner – 7:30pm (within one hour after workout)

Chicken Breast or Salmon over parmesan couscous or brown rice with a side of mixed veggies (or mix the veggies in)

bonus tip:     Protein Shake Right before bed!

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