Simple Dijon and Dill Salmon

Easy to prepare and Easy to make!


1 salmon fillet – any size

Honey Dijon Mustard – only 120mg sodium, 5 carbs – I shop giant brand

Bread Crumbs – any style- keep your choice with sugars 2g or under

Dill (fresh or dried)

Preheat Oven to 400


  1. Place Salmon skin side down on some tinfoil on a baking sheet (no need to grease)
  2. Spread mustard evenly in a thin layer covering the whole top of the salmon (I use a butter knife).  Not so much that you can’t see the salmon fillet underneath but enough to stick the breadcrumbs (use more mustard for extra creaminess and flavor)
  3. Shake the breadcrumbs evenly over the salmon and mustard.  Use enough to coat but not  fully bread.  The breadcrumbs should now cover enough that you can not see the salmon underneath.
  4. Shake dill over the salmon for seasoning, be generous but don’t create another layer.
  5. Bake for 15 minutes at 400 degrees.  Check the center of the salmon for doneness (should be opaque).  Depending on the thickness of your fillet you may need to bake for another 7-18 minutes.
  6. When you remove the salmon and serve use a spatula to lift the salmon from the skin and remove grey matter from the bottom.  Most of it should stick to the tinfoil for easy serving.

That’s IT!!!

Serve over Parmesan couscous, brown rice or whole wheat pasta YOUR CHOICE..                                                                              …or with a side of spinach or various vegetables for a complete meal.

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