Shoulders, Obliques and Abs…Oh My!!

If you want a triple muscle MMA Fitness that takes minimal time check this one out…. By Kylie Knoll

Start in a plank position

Elbows to the ground and shoulder-width apart

Butt down, legs straight, and back flat with toes dug into position

Extend right arm out to the side and rotate body towards the ceiling stretching the right arm to the rafters and balancing on the left (follow your arm with your eyes)

Rotate back to plank position but don’t rest that right arm to the ground…

Reach through under your left armpit still balancing on that left arm (you should be in a one-armed plank position)

Rotate that right arm back to the ceiling again in a full upward stretch and finally back to a double elbow plank position

Repeat moves with the left arm now…

MMA Fitness Program If You Want Try This: 7 reps per arm for 7 sets

TIP: Use slow steady movements to get the full effect in your abs and obliques GUARANTEEING full MMA Fitness!!

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