Tire Throw 2 attempts

Tire Pull hand over hand



Accurate Kick (Standing) 2 attempts

Double round kick, one low and one high.  Scored byaccuracy to center of a bull’s-eye.


30 Second Speed Kick

Most alternating kicks possible in 30 seconds.

Must hear leg tap on the bag.


30 Second Speed Punch

Most alternating punches possible in 30 seconds.

Must hear glove tap on bag.


Endless Kick (Alternating)

Kicker will kick until they can no longer kick.

Will be scored by kicks per second.

Time ends at 10 minutes.

Must hear leg tap on the bag.


Endless Punch (Jab Cross)

Puncher will punch until they can no longer punch.

Will be scored by punches per second.

Time ends at 10 minutes.

Must hear glove tap on bag.


Accurate Kick (Jumping) 2 attempts

Scored  by accuracy to center of a bull’s-eye.  Single kick.


Accurate Punch (double jab, low+high) 2 attempts

Scored by accuracy to center of a bull’s-eye.



Kettlebell Swings

Most swings possible.  Max time 5 minutes.  Scored by time/reps.


Strongest ABS

Hanging with knees to chest.  Ranked by time able to hold the position.

Ladder Challenge

Stepping and agility movement through a ladder on the floor.  Exampled before competition.  Single point deductions for incorrect movements, stepping on the ladder.  Scored on accuracy and time.



Scored by total number accomplished in one hang.



Scored by the number of pushups accomplished in 1 minute.

Special thank you…..

Chase Insurance Associates for donating all of the water for the games!

Shurfine Foods for donating the fruit and snacks!

201 West for the use of the parking lot and support!

All of our members, trainers and family who have contributed to the success of our business and helping put MMAXOUT Games together!!


Here’s what you missed tonight….  I think they covered the tears with the sweat!

Warm up: 3 suicides, 100 flys, 200 rep with speed ropes

ROUND 1: (5.5 minutes)

  • Burpees – 30 sec, 10 sec break
  • Burpees – 30 sec + High running knees – 30 sec, 10 sec break
  • Burpees – 30 sec + High running knees – 30 sec + skates – 30 sec, 10 sec break
  • Burpees – 30 sec + High running knees – 30 sec + skates – 30 sec + frog hops – 30 sec

1.5 minute break between rounds

ROUND 2: (5.5 min)

  • Dive Bombers – 30 sec, 10 sec break
  • Dive Bombers – 30 sec + Switching Hand pushups – 30 sec, 10 sec break
  • Dive Bombers – 30 sec + Switching Hand pushups – 30 sec + spiderman pushups – 30 sec, 10 sec break
  • Dive Bombers – 30 sec + Switching Hand pushups – 30 sec + spiderman pushups – 30 sec + reach thru planks – 30 sec

1.5 minute break between rounds

Round 3:(5.5 min)

  • Kettlebell tilt left – 30 sec, 10 sec break
  • Kettlebell tilt left – 30 sec + kettlebell tilt right – 30 sec, 10 sec break
  • Kettlebell tilt left – 30 sec + kettlebell tilt right – 30 sec + kettlebell swing – 30 sec, 10 sec break
  • Kettlebell tilt left – 30 sec + kettlebell tilt right – 30 sec + kettlebell swing – 30 sec + box jump extensions – 30 sec

Tonight we ended class with a…..

MMAXOUT COMPETITION EVENT: Sprawl Balls;  as many reps as possible for as long as you can hold on……


MMAXOUT Workout in Dojo Digest

Read about MMAXOUT and get your Workout by clicking below

MMAXOUT Is feature every month in the DOJO Digest and a top MMA Fitness writer for there Magazine. go to Dojo Digest and sign up for your free magazine

For More Info on MMA Fitness

For More Info on MMA Fighting

For More info on MMA Workouts

MMAXOUT Instructor Alisa Norton (workout of the day)

Alisa norton trains under bruce drago mma workout program

Start off with 5 suicides sprints

Mark a starting point then mark 4 points out from the starting point that are equal distances from each other (about 10 paces between points)

Run out to the 1st point and then back to the starting point

Run out to the 2nd point and then back to the starting point

Run out to the 3rd point and then back to the starting point

Run out to the 4th point and then back to the starting point

Take a 10 sec. break

Repeat 4 more times.

Do 10 sets of the following exercises: (10 Push Ups, 10 Squats & 10 Mountain Climbers = 1 set)

10 Push ups

-Place your hands shoulder width apart on the floor under your chest, legs extended

behind you : raise and lower your body by bending at the elbows, keeping your body

straight by holding stomach muscles tight and keeping your eyes looking ahead.

Complete 9 more reps.

10 Squats

-Standing with feet a little more than shoulder width apart, slowly lower your buttocks

by bending at the knee and putting your weight on your heels.  Your knees shouldn’t

pass your toes. Once you have gone down as far as you can, push through your heels

and squeeze your hamstrings and glutes to bring you back into a standing position, that

is one rep. Repeat 9 more times.

10 Mountain Climbers

-Start in a pushup position with arms extended under the chest, shoulder width apart

and legs extended behind you.  Brace your abs and slowly bring one knee towards your

chest. Touch the toe to the ground and then return your foot to the start position.

Do the same motion with the other leg, this is one rep. Continue to alternate legs until

10 reps are completed.

Finish with 4 minutes of Extended Leg Crunches: 20 seconds  with 10 second break

Lay on your back with your hands under your head to support your neck, extend your

legs without letting your feet touch the floor. Tighten the abs and bend your knees and

bring your legs into your chest while at the same time lifting your shoulders off of the

floor to bring your elbows to your knees. Lower shoulders to the floor and extend the

legs again without letting the feet touch the floor.  Repeat process for 20 seconds then take

a 10 second break.  Repeat 7 more times.

MMAXOUT Instructor

Alisa Norton

MMA Workout

OutDoor Boot Camp by MMAXOUT Fitness

Coral Springs #1 Kickboxing Program

Do each workout for 10 sets b4 you go to the next exercise

  • 10 sets of Mountain Climbers up a hill, they are a combo of bear crawls with mountain climber type of exercise, make sure you bring your knees to your chest as close as possible…  NO TIME LIMIT Go until you drop
  • 10 Dive Bombers 10 sets this is a badass shoulder, ab and lower back workout, so JUST DO IT
  • Lunges up hill and down hill and that’s just one set, you got to do  10 sets of them

So keep in mind you do one exercise 10 sets then go to the next and so on…

NO Time Limit just keep on going… Make sure you have a long enough hill to do the workout… Surprise your class, tell them on this speical day we are meeting at a park to do and intense outdoor workout… They love this stuff, try you may like… Oh by they way take a ton of business card we always have people coming up asking what we are doing and we simply say (MMAXOUT) here is our card…

Florida Best Kickboxing program in Coral Springs


Group Personal Training for the Inexperienced

From personal experience in teaching the MMAXOUT Fitness program, we have taken the needs of our members very seriously.  In conducting group personal training sessions new members are intimidated to enter a class with our more seasoned members.  They feel a plethora of ways.  Competitiveness that they have to keep up, defeatist mentality that they need prior conditioning levels in order to fully complete a session, and safety/insecurity that they will not get hurt and will be properly instructed during the course of exertion.  MMAXOUT has taken these concerns and solved them in a number of group personal training satisfying ways.  We example and mandate modifications of each exercise specific to bodily limitations.  Lets be honest, we want you to be part of MMAXOUT, it’s a question of how are we holding up our end of the bargain to meet your needs through our methods of group personal training if we don’t know what your needs are.  So, we evaluate exactly who you are and where MMAXOUT fits your lifestyle.  Our goal is to make you a self-starting fitness informed member experiencing guaranteed results.  MMAXOUT group personal training allows one class to cater to each experience level without harm and with results.

Preventative Health

Creating a fitness plan to support a lifestyle through all stages of age and growth is imperative to maintaining good health.  Preventative health starts with an early attack on understanding what and when a body needs its exertion, fuel, and attention.  Dedication and long-term plans start with a regular level of exertion, or exercise.  Three to four times a week for at least 40 minutes is the recommended dose of physical activity.  Next, properly fueling your body is essential to supporting the dedication to long-term exercise planning.  Proper intake of proteins and carbohydrates pre and post physical activity are key.  For weight loss goals keep your nutrition plan at low-fat, low-sodium and low sugar levels.  Finally, attention!  The body needs proper attention to prevent injury and complete your fitness plan and work towards preventative health measures.  An occasional massage, proper shoes, hydration during physical activity and proper rest are just the tip of the self-maintenance iceberg.  A fitness plan can emerge and be complied differently for everyone.  It’s important to customize your plan to fit into your lifestyle or have someone do it for you.  Personal trainers are in business to keep you looking good and also help prevent future health issues.