Backside Burner

Wall Squats

form:  Put your back against the wall and drop into a squatting position with your butt below your knees.  Back straight and weight barred down into the heels.

Timing instruction: Hold position for 20 seconds and then rest for 10.

Repeat 8 times = 4 minutes

Immediately following your wall squats…

Quick Squats

form:  Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.  Core firm by pulling your belly button into your back.  Back straight and weight sitting into your heels.  Hands up.  When you squat push out your butt and never let your knees go over the tip of your toes.  You should always be able to see your toes.  Look forward.  Squat as low as possible, butt below your knees.

tip:  when you stand up from your squat do not fully extend your legs.  If you only rise half to 3/4 of a full standing position your legs stay engaged the entire time.  NOW….pump those squats as FAST as you can!

Timing Instruction:  Pump out as many squat as you can for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds.

Repeat 8 times = 4 minutes

Leg Extensions

form:  Standing sideways with your left shoulder into the wall.  Lean into the wall.  Lift your right leg hip height, grab your ankle and pull your heel into your butt…this is your starting and stationary position.  From here extend your leg straight out and point your toe lifting your extension as high as possible.  When you retract your extension try to not hold your ankle, keep the form and position on your own.

Timing instruction:  Hold leg extended for 10 seconds and rest for 10 seconds

Repeat 6 times = 2 minutes (each leg)

…remaining in the same form as Leg extensions start your…

Kick Extensions

form:  kick and retract, repeating and kicking as fast as possible

– 30 kicks with each leg


form:  kick and retract, repeating and kicking as slow as possible

2 second extension, pause and 2 second retraction (slow but steady’ll BURN)

– 10 times each leg

Keep trying this workout until you can make it through without pauses, dropping your legs during extensions, or using your hands during the wall squats.

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