Turn Your Body Into A Weapon

Does your workout provide you with all the elements you need to protect yourself? 

Most likely not. 

Where are you going to find a training facility that offers everything from cardiovascular fitness & strength to real self-defense skills?  This is the most beneficial key point of the Fight Back Course! This not only offers the most versatile workouts but throughout their workouts, you will also gain skills in self-defense.  Each and every class at FIght Back is not only a fat-burning, lean muscle building, body toning class.  These classes also cater towards taking those skills learned in class as blocks for protecting yourself.  There is no other facility that will give you an incredible workout using techniques & skills that also count as self-defense skills.

“If I hadn’t joined the Fight Back Course, my life today would not be as positively structured as it is.  I had no idea that I was learning skills to protect myself through their workouts. I was able to protect myself and save my life after being attacked by an ex who I had a restraining order. This is by far the best program I’ve ever taken. Julie W

The Drago Fight Back Course focuses on street fighting. Advice and lessons on street fighting tactics.  Self-defense is a priority in today’s generation. Learning how to protect yourself, allowing yourself to overcome the fear I being attacked.  No other program out there offers a more tactile education on street fighting.


Learn from a Top Protection Specialist with Accumulated black belts, bodyguard experience with world-famous celebrities, politicians, law enforcement, and blue-collar businessmen, and immaculate martial arts knowledge. 

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