Red City Outlaws takes MMAXOUT cross training

Weather its wrestling, football, volley ball or any sport  they are flooding to MMAXOUT Fitness locations for enhance overall body conditioning to be in top shape for their season…

What is it about Mixed Martial Arts conditioning and classes that makes this form of training more than just another trend in the world of fitness? Diversity, adaptability, simplicity and most importantly, results. The use of MMAXOUT as a fitness regimen brings together the worlds of strength conditioning and cardiovascular work in a way that no other program does.  Many other fitness routines lean strongly in one direction, leaving the workout incomplete.  What we have learned from these fitness programs and from programs of the past is that we greatly need a stronger, more comprehensive package, and MMAXOUT is the answer. MMAXOUT has a distinct advantage over other programs – it is a truly versatile cross-training workout. No other program improves strength, flexibility, coordination and reflexes the way MMAXOUT does.

Boredom and repetition are the proverbial straws that broke the camel’s back when it comes to fitness programs. MMAXOUT classes have such an array of exercises and approaches to obtain this ultimate goal of fitness and healthy living that it is nearly impossible to succumb to boredom in a workout. Near constant movement and high intensity coupled with diverse, yet simplistic equipment keeps the MMAXOUT student engaged and active throughout the workout.

What does it take to run one of these programs? Nothing more than a qualified instructor and bodies in the class. With a myriad of plyometric exercises in the MMAXOUT arsenal, the necessity for equipment does not exist, which makes the creation of a program at any location simple. If possible, the incorporation of kettle bells, medicine balls, plyo boxes, body bags and other equipment adds greatly to the workout, promoting increased muscle confusion during the class and creating countless possibilities for exercises that keep members engaged.

The use of plyometric movements in MMAXOUT creates an environment where members of any fitness level are able to train together by allowing the use of alternative movements in order to increase members’ capability of completing the workout. Standard pushup position can be changed to the knees, box jumps can become step-ups and pull-ups can become a jump and hang movement. These alternatives to the original exercise keep students involved and working the same muscle groups as everyone else, which will allow them to work their way up to the eventual completion of the full exercise. This simultaneously promotes the inclusion of all students and gives members goals to work towards.

MMAXOUT has taken the idea concept of MMA fitness and developed it into an incredible program of fitness, community and achievement. A MMAXOUT class provides a member with an ever-changing assortment of exercises that are grouped into different daily workouts. In turn, those workouts are grouped into four different weeks of focus: Mmax Out, Mmax Interval, Mmax Extreme and Mmax Lean. This ongoing rotation of the general focus of the class, coupled with the various exercises that MMA provides, makes for classes that are NEVER the same twice.

On top of the great diversity that already exists within the regular MMAXOUT classes, we have expanded the program even further by adding other classes such as Mmax Bag, MMAX Kick, Mmax Intense, Mmax Defense and Fight Training. These classes provide members with even more variety to their fitness routine. The classes focus on different aspects of fitness: cardiovascular health, strength training, and competitive fight training. This diverse approach to training allows MMAXOUT to be challenging and relevant to any member. This availability to people of any ability level, and the continued success of its members is what has put MMAXOUT at the forefront of the MMA fitness revolution.


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