MMAXOUT gym of the MONTH

MMAXOUT Ohio is going viral at ZMA Karate School with a NEW expansion… 6,000 square feet of MMAXOUT madness; making them the largest MMAXOUT center in the USA.  Starting out as a 2 day a week program, MMAXOUT Ohio grew to 7 day a week hardcore training facility.  ZMA is a very TRADITIONAL Karate center teaching all forms of Shotokan Karate and Judo.  They also ran a cardio kickboxing program which was fading.  ZMA Karate Larry Zahand wanted to bring in an exciting new program to add to his karate center.  He tried other so called MMA programs with no SUCCES.  He contacted us to come down and show his instructors the MMAXOUT Fitness program.  His words were “we are hooked… MMMAXOUT is the way”.  During the intense MMAXOUT training certification the instructors went crazy and loved each and every minute of the training program. They then decided to make a trip to the MMAXOUT Headquarters and couldn’t believe the vast number of members sweating their butts off with the best workout worldwide: MMAXOUT Fitness.  Since then MMAXOUT Ohio is jamming and expanding to a second level with over 6,000 square feet of MMAXOUT training space.

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