Location:  201 west Lancaster Avenue, 2nd Floor, Shillington PA 19607

Program Offerings: (all classes are semi-private)

Conditioning Program

  • toning
  • plyometrics
  • light weight resistance
  • cardio
  • kickboxing
  • calestetics
  • weight loss
  • nutrition

Personal Training

Kids Program

  • techniques
  • conditioning
  • nutrition
  • kickboxing

Fighter Program

  1. MMA Conditioning
  2. Skills Training
  3. Gound and Pound
  4. Jiu Jitsu
  5. Striking
  6. Cage Work
  7. Muay Thai

Please contact the following for more information:

hours, program information, scheduling, pricing  =

customer service  =

certification courses, additional information, licensing information =


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