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Kick the Pounds Off Fast with MMAXOUT KICKIN PINK BOOT CAMP

Female Kickboxing boot camp Program

Never boring, MMAXOUT KICKIN PINK BOOT CAMP is a complete comprehensive weight loss program that will cardio kickboxing program that will challenge to push yourself further than you ever have. This program is designed JUST FOR WOMEN and provides numerous health benefits, not to mention complete total body workout. It will tone your arms, legs and flatten your mid- section. Other health benefits noted with MMAXOUT KICKIN PINK include weight loss, time efficient workouts, improved motor skill, increased bone density, increased muscle growth.

Weight loss – MMAXOUT KICKIN PINK is a high intensity-training program, which is considered far more superior form of training resulting in a quick effective way to help women lose weight and build muscle simultaneously.
Time efficient – With increased demands place on women today to balance work and family it is hard to find time to work out. With every minute account has time to spend hours in a gym? MMAXOUT KICKIN PINK will give you a complete total body workout in only 45 minutes! Women can burn up to 1200 calories per class. If you can commit 3 -4 days a week you will begin to see noticeable results! Even the busiest of women can spare 3 – 4 hours a week!
Motor skills– Although underrated, this is one of the most beneficial aspects to ones life. Whether it is our sedentary lifestyle or just a fact of aging, women slowly start to become an uncoordinated. Starting in our 30’s our movements have become very stiff and ridged as opposed to fluid. MMAXOUT will increase coordination and reaction resulting in decrease injury and faster recovery.

Increased bone density – As women age, we are at a much great risk for osteoporosis when compared to men. This is another benefit to MMAXOUT KICKIN PINK. Believe it or not our bones are a lot like muscles, if you don’t use them you lose them. Our bones are stimulated through exercise such as resistance or weight bearing movements and this stimulation encourages new bone growth and increases the overall strength of our bones. Stronger bones mean we are less likely to become injured!


Muscle growth – MMAXOUT KICKIN PINK is a complete resistance-training program that will increase your muscle strength. You will be punching and kicking a 125-lb heavy bag providing maximum resistance resulting in muscle mass. Typical gym workouts such as Step aerobics or Zumba are great cardio workouts but offer little resistance or muscle stimulation. This is a great conditioning program offering you the quickest result in the shortest time.

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Sinking Spring is going to explode with the Hottest MMA Fitness workout

COMING TO Sinking Spring/Wernersville Area on Penn Ave, MMAXOUT Female Only Kick in Pink December 2012…

Martial Arts Fitness

MMAXOUT Kickin Pink Kickboxing for Females ONLY….

Never before has a fitness concept literally taken the breath of so many people.  Mmaxout owns a unique blend of strength, power, skill and finesse.  The product of such an attention getting industry is martial arts fitness.  Without a combination of traits on polar opposites of the spectrum, its longevity in communities and as lifestyles would have been much shorter lived.

To build strength, endurance is tested and pushed.  Hours of breathless movements, repetitions, and conditioning reconstructed to effectively produce results for the average person.  Each day the exerciser gains confidence in their movements as a mixed martial artist does before competition.

Growing powerful and training to use muscles in their greatest time of need occurs through explosive movement.  Pushing abilities in every movement using the utmost intensity grows power.  Power isn’t obtained through heavy lifting, it’s through the use of the power you already have.  The body has to be taught to find it.

Controlling trained muscles is not only difficult but part of finding personal skill.  A great kicker could have at one time barely been able to lift their foot above their knee.  Mastering each movement and placing the body in the right alignment for proper execution is exemplary skill building.  From the building stage to execution stage, faster and stronger muscles use power and strength for toning and fat loss.

In finale, putting the entire martial arts fitness blend into use and combination takes finesse.  Not always the finesse of the exerciser but the finesse of the instructor.  Properly placing together the right combinations and changing the combination order and approach keep exercisers interested and involved.  This is why martial arts fitness has literally taken the breath of many people, and it’s not slowing the attack.


Starting soon the Only Female Kickboxing workout


Mmaxout Kickin Pink fitness program is an exceptional 10 week kickboxing & strength conditioning program for women.  Kickin Pink integrates cardio kickboxing, resistance training, core strengthening, flexibility training, cross training and nutritional support.  This program was built and implemented by real women striving to alter their own bodies and improve their overall health.  Under no other program will you achieve such amazing results so quickly or acquire the support that we offer.

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Whether you want to slim down or tighten up, the 10 week FEMALE only Kickin Boot Camp gives you a plan of action and the tools you need to get there.

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There’s a right way to lose weight and tighten those areas. And chances are, you’re doing it WRONG.

You’re probably working out too often and with not nearly enough intensity. The result is fatigue and burnout. You get stuck on a plateau and get discouraged that you don’t see the results you want.

It’s time for a change! Join the HOTTEST female workout in the world “MMAXOUT KICKIN PINK” Kickboxing BOOT CAMP program, no more boring gym routine, this kick butt, body pumping, exciting classes are for you… Get enroll TODAY  484-855-0301

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MMAXOUT Kickin Pink Workouts

At home with no weights? Travelling and can’t get to the gym?  Try this quick and easy workout!

10 burpees
10 mountain climbers
10 pushups
10 bicycles

Rest for 30 seconds and do it again until you complete 5 rounds.

If you are too busy to complete it all at once. Set your alarm for every hour and do one round.
GREAT total body workout and Awesome Cardio!!