Mmaxout Testimonial

Each Month We Select A Member That Has Showed Dramatic Changes in Body – Mindand Spirit

Meet… Rochelle Owens
Age: 54

Rochelle Owens MMAXOUT
Where are you from? Sinking Spring
When and why you began to exercise: I have exercised off and on for most of my life but have never been consistent – I just never liked it. About a year ago a friend invited me to a kick boxing class at Mmaxout, my first thought was “NO thanks, I have no desire to kick or punch anything and I don’t like exercising”. However, I wanted to encourage her in getting fit so I agreed to attend one class – I’ve been coming every since!
What, so far, has been your biggest hurdle/challenge? Eating healthier to compliment the exercising.

What significance does exercise have on your life? It has become a critical component of my morning ritual of reading, prayer, journaling and exercise, which helps me get my day off to a successful start. As a Realtor, wife, mother of 4 daughters and Grandmother of 2 toddlers, keeping my stress level down and my energy level up is very important to me. Exercise has significantly helped me to achieve that balance.
Inspiring words or tips for others: I’ve tried aerobics, jogging, and many other fitness plans and Mmaxout is the first one that I have stayed with for this long. The other programs got boring but Mmaxout Fitness is fun. I am the most fit I have been in 20 years and best of all every session is unique which keeps me coming back for more.

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