The #1 personal trainers certification

MMAXOUT Personal Trainers Certification Procedure

personal trainers certificate

Welcome to and congratulations on your Certification in MMAXOUT Fitness. You have now completed the first level of the Instructor apprenticeship course and you are on your way to acquiring all the benefits of Mixed Martial Arts Xtreme Workout.

The first year after obtaining your MMAXOUT certification will focus on learning. You will gain knowledge in teaching small groups and or personal sessions to acquire a better understanding on how we blend MMA and fitness together. You will also learn why and how MMAXOUT Fitness has become the most successful program world wide.

During the first year, you will be accountable for submitting 3 months worth of complete workouts. The workouts must include explanations of exactly what you are teaching. Each week you will send your workouts to me in a word document format to

In the interim of your learning phase, you may attend as many certifications as you like within that year. The classes you attend within that year must be in the area of expertise in which you were certified in. For instance, if you were Mmaxout certified only, then within that year you may only attend additional Mmaxout certifications. After your first year is up you will then have to be re certified. This re-certification will include the following testing: workouts, floor layouts, class motivation, proper form, qualifying intructor workout test (all TIMED)…etc.

Once you complete the re-certification process, your diploma will be a 2 year degree. You will however need re-certification every two years after obtaining your official Mmaxout certification. The process will not only keep MMAXOuT ahead of the game but it will keep all trainers up to date with materials and will also make you a more well rounded instructor.

To many certifications out there simply just certify people and say good luck, without refreshing their knowledge. In order to advance your credentials and maintain success, you need to re-accredit, which is what differentiates Mmaxout from the rest. We want to eliminate failure and enhance success. What better way to maintain success than to continually keep your own certification fresh & up to date. In order for your clients & members to achieve the best results, so must you.

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