How to find a good personal trainer

I have heard and read about personal trainer stories that just make you wonder where did these personal trainers get their training from? Most personal trainers in your local health barely no anything or let alone have any qualifications to be a trainer. Did you know? That 90% of personal trainer certifications can be attain by just taking a 2 hour written test, that’s crazy. For those of us who seek out the help of a personal trainer, it’s important that we don’t end up with someone who isn’t very qualified or just doesn’t care about their client’s well-being. As with anyone you hire to provide a service, you want the best for your money. How can you know if a personal trainer is qualified and genuinely cares about helping you?

Well here are some reasons you will need to find another trainer:

The Cling Factor – When you ask how many sessions it should take before you can work out on your own, if the trainer gives a vague answer or tells you about clients he’s been seeing weekly for a year or more, be wary. A good trainer will teach you to be independent; he won’t cling to your business.

Going above and beyond – I’ve seen trainers in gyms and fitness facilities walk right by someone that clearly needed help or was performing an exercise wrong. I’ve frequently assisted people when I see them struggling or about to potentially injure themselves.

No results or poor results – Some clients have unrealistic expectations about what they can or cannot do; however, if you feel like you’re on that treadmill-to-nowhere, never making progress with your weight loss or strength goals, then it’s a good bet your trainer is incompetent.

Not paying attention to your stated goals and needs – Goals should be hammered out during the first meeting and everything should be made clear.

Your trainer complains about his own personal issues on your time -Your trainer is paid to be there for you. Part of that entails paying all of his attention to the details of your workout and supporting you in your optimal performance. There’s no room for sharing personal gossip. If he’s a constant complainer, run for the nearest exit!

Your trainer is always late – This is an indication he has no respect for you or your time. Subconsciously, he’s not looking forward to seeing you and doing his job. When people are late for appointments, they’re avoiding and procrastinating the meeting because they don’t want to be there–this includes taking cell phone calls and texting during the workout.

Poor personal health and workout habits – If your trainer shows up for your appointment looking like he slept in his clothes, sloppy and messy, it means he has no personal pride in his profession or appearance. The same goes for fat trainers. If your goal is weight loss, how can you expect someone else’s help if they can’t discipline their own eating?

Bruce (the Fit) Boss

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