Berks County Kickboxing Classes

Cardio Kickboxing at MMAXOUT Fitness

Unlike the incessant step-kick-repeat combinations you’re likely to master in step aerobics class, the moves in cardio-kickboxing actually can have some real-life application. As you punch, jab, and protect your face from an (imagined) attacker, you’re learning to protect yourself, only without the bruises. By practicing some simple self-defense moves in a fun atmosphere, many people — women especially — gain a greater sense of empowerment and self-confidence.

MMAXOUT Fitness is the most popular place to do cardio kickboxing due to the Professional Instructors teaching the program

Along with the very popluar Bag Class:

MMAXOUT BAG CLASS is a total body workout that produces amazing physical machines not only in performance but also in appearance. Encompassing cardio, plyometric, calestetic, weight, strength, aerobic and anaerobic training, MMAXOUT BAG workouts have hit the main level and started transforming the everyday exerciser. What is it about the MMAXOUT BAG workout program that has retained interest, generated new buzz and doesn’t look like it’s fading away soon?

MMAXOUT developed a structured regime using interval, repping, and stretching workouts with heavy bag. By repeatedly striking and kicking the bag, you activate all of the major muscles groups in your body. The arms, shoulders, waist, and leg muscles must be coordinated and conditioned. This training also builds athletic qualities such as speed, power, balance, timing, and coordination.

ONLY $29 per Month for Unlimited Classes 7 days a week…

Join Today at Berks County Most Popular Fitness Kickboxing Program

484 – 855 – 0301

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