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Why diet and make yourself miserable? If you’re like most people, eventually you’ll go off the diet and gain the weight back. There is a better way.

With MMAXOUT Fitness and our Healthy Nutrition Program people all around the world have discovered how to make smart food swaps to save incredible amounts of calories at home, at the supermarket, and at their favorite restaurants.

Now it’s your turn to join MMAXOUT Fitness as part of your everyday life to lose weight easier than ever. So can you imagine losing up to 12 pounds of fat in just a couple of weeks? Dropping up to 20 pounds in 6 weeks? Just contact Umma Marie or Bruce (the Fit) Boss at

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I needed the tools to lose my flab, get fit, reduce stress, improve my health, and create enough balance to enjoy the other parts of my life outside of work. I needed a workout that fit my schedule, a real meal plan that didn’t require a nutrition degree to follow, and a strategy to help me be more effective and successful at work without putting in more hours. MMAXOUT Fitness has helped me create a new lifestyle for living healthy.

Mark S 43 years young

If you want to lose weight — and keep it off – Join MMAXOUT FITNESS TODAY  

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Back to the drawing board



Comprehensible, effective, stimulating, and teachable program.  These are some of the most common words to describe the hottest and most results guaranteed program rushing through America.  Everyone from enthusiast to health risk will benefit from MMAXOUT.  We declare that each and every person with health and fitness goals are front and center each step of the way.  And now, we are finally here!

Don’t get it wrong.  We didn’t just sit down and say this is what works for everyone, end of story.  We reran varied versions of the MMAXOUT program in their classes to evaluate the response and effectiveness for each member of their school.  The components that MMAXOUT focuses on are core, stamina, intensity, and strength. Each phase incorporates an increased intensity through Strength and Conditioning, Plyo-metrics, Repping Out, Cage Kickboxing and Full Body core.

MMAXOUT doesn’t stop at helping reach fitness goals.  We certify personal trainers too!  Each time you come and train, you will be coached under the supervision of a Certified Personal Trainer, and each workout is designed to teach you proficiency that will get you better results than you’ve ever had in the past.  We’re a coaching and training facility–not a gym. You don’t pay for use of equipment you don’t use; you’re paying for top-notch coaching and instruction to ensure your success in all aspects of fitness training and nutrition.

Each Trainer is personally developed and approved to deliver MMAXOUT correctly every time.  This isn’t a 2 hour certification program.  MMAXOUT supports each Trainer through an extensive training program, continual online and onsite support, and yearly trainings.  We are a group of dedicated Personal Trainers and fitness coaches with an atmosphere of support and camaraderie to anyone willing to put in the work.  Our next article sheds light on the Repping Out stage of a Personal Trainers regime.


MMAXOUT Berks County

50 push ups

50 dead lifts

50 windshield wipers

50 Bag Flips

50 Pull ups

100 round Kicks in air per leg without dropping

50 Sprawl Balls

50 Single leg hop per side onto 12 inch box

Time: 34 minutes if you think you can complete it in that time frame record yourself doing it and send it to us… We will put your face all over the world…

Contact MMAXOUT Pennsylvania at 484-855-0301 and or at


MMAXOUT Canada Workouts

This is a drill we did at the end of an hour of intense training to finish the night off. This is done the length of the hall with out stopping 4 times and as fast and hard as you can. Looks easy but it kills you when it is at the end of a workout, they had a few choice words for me. …



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