MMAXOUT Berks County

50 push ups

50 dead lifts

50 windshield wipers

50 Bag Flips

50 Pull ups

100 round Kicks in air per leg without dropping

50 Sprawl Balls

50 Single leg hop per side onto 12 inch box

Time: 34 minutes if you think you can complete it in that time frame record yourself doing it and send it to us… We will put your face all over the world…

Contact MMAXOUT Pennsylvania at 484-855-0301 and or at


MMAXOUT Canada Workouts

This is a drill we did at the end of an hour of intense training to finish the night off. This is done the length of the hall with out stopping 4 times and as fast and hard as you can. Looks easy but it kills you when it is at the end of a workout, they had a few choice words for me. …



Contact MMAXOUT Canada at or

Phone: 506-430-0087