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*I have not exercised in months (or never)

 Mmaxout is the perfect way to kick start your workout program.  Our group classes are great for every level—whether you want high intensity or low impact we have the class for you. Our trainers will motivate you and encourage you but NEVER push you past your level of comfort.

* I have a gym membership?

 Are you one of the many people who pay a monthly membership to a gym for equipment you have no idea how to use? Do you wait in line to use the treadmill or elliptical?   You haven’t seen any results?

If this sounds familiar then is time to MMAXOUT!

Most of our members had gym memberships elsewhere before they started our program. They were bored with the same workout day in and day out and felt “stuck”. They were discouraged with their progress, not seeing the results they desired. Within weeks of starting MMAXOUT they noticed a difference in their overall attitude, physique and fitness level.

* I hate the gym?

 We are not a gym.  We are a class setting training facility committed to getting you in the best shape of your life. Our trainers will challenge you with intense, efficient, fat incinerating workouts in a non-intimidating environment.

* What if I can’t keep up?

 Our workouts are designed for all fitness levels. Our trainers will always provide you with modifications for each exercise to assure you have a safe and effective workout.

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The 60 Day Weight Loss Workout Plan

I’ve never been what you would call overweight, but I never considered myself “in shape”. I have a collection at home of all the popular workout dvd sets, but I never but I never seemed to be able to get the results I wanted.

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About a year ago, a friend and I tried a class at Mmaxout. I have to admit, I was scared. I thought for sure it would be too much for me and I would make a fool of myself. It was tough- I had never done so many pushups at one time in my life. Took me a few days to be able to go back, but I did. Now, a year later, I’m hooked! It really has changed my life. I am there at least 6 times a week, sometimes twice a day. I also changed my eating habits and I just feel so much better. I can actually see muscle definition where I had never seen it before with anything else I tried. The instructors at Mmaxout give you the encouragement you need to push yourself harder than you ever thought you could. Every class is different, and you leave feeling exhausted and energized at the same time! There’s nothing else like it!

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MMAXOUT member

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The Newest Kickboxing Craze and its here to stay

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Combining martial arts techniques and heart pumping cardio, kickboxing is a high energy workout that is guaranteed to burn calories and fat. It’s an incredibly efficient workout. There’s a vast toning component to kickboxing because it forces you to engage all the muscle groups in the body. Also, engaging your core will also ultimately improve coordination, while the constant movement improves flexibility and reflexes.

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AS AN I CAN KICKBOXING INSTRUCTOR: you will gain certification in bag classes & in kickboxing:  both the hottest trending workouts worldwide.  Amongst this, you will also:

* Learn proper technique & execution of punches and kicks that will make you look above and beyond the best.

* Exhibit security & confidence that sells.

* Flood your gym with members & increase your personal training

Members are fanatic over the I CAN KICKBOX program.  This exciting program is changing people’s physiques and endurance, putting them in a category that no other gym is capable of doing.

2 options to choose from:

1.  For only $9.99 you have the capability of having your website listed on our page.  That’s right, your name*phone*web address on our world wide listing for the lowest monthly fee possible.
2.  Become a certified I CAN KICKBOX location with unbelievable credentials and gain all the online access of becoming the top trainer in your area for only $199.99.


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How To Get A Lean Ripped Body Fast


Plyometrics: Plyometric movements, in which a muscle is loaded and then contracted in rapid sequence, use the strength, elasticity and innervation’s of muscle and surrounding tissues to jump higher, run faster, throw farther, or hit harder, depending on the desired training goal. Plyometrics is used to increase the speed or force of muscular contractions, providing explosiveness for a variety of sport-specific activities.

Muscle Confusion: When you have a workout routine that you repeat day in and day out, your body and muscles become accustomed to these exercises and eventually your results will plateau. Muscle confusion challenges your body to reach its maximum potential by eliminating the ‘plateau effect’. With , no two MMAXOUT workouts are the same and each class brings on a new set of challenges, forcing you to push your body to the max & ultimately gaining extreme results.

Weight/Strength Training: Strengthening muscles through weight training improves muscular endurance, balance, coordination & posture and lowers your resting heart rate, all of which are paramount in any athlete’s success.

Kettlebell workouts: Incorporating kettlebell exercises into your fitness regime is an awesome way to increase muscular endurance, lose fat, build size and strength as well as seriously improve your speed and explosive power.

Kickboxing: The MMAXOUT program also integrates boxing and kickboxing, which is a great total body workout and improves balance, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Kickboxing, combined with these other workout principles, will help you to get in the best athletic shape of your life. Seriously.

You haven’t worked out until you MMAXed OUT

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Cheap Beach Toys

Cheap Beach Toys = Amazing workouts

If you are beach-bound, pack this beach workout with you. Exercising on the beach isn’t only fun, it’s also a great way to challenge your body. 

Sand provides an uneven surface which makes working out more challenging. Since your body has to work harder to balance, you end up burning more calories. There is also less impact on joints when you do running or jumping in the sand, which means your less prone to injury.

The options to working out on the beach are endless, but here are a few exercise’s you can take on vacation with you. All you need is a beach ball park bench, and maybe some cones, or life guard chair as a marker, to burn crazy calories.

Warm up with 25 push ups, 2 laps of jogging about 100 yards and 25 basic squats

Ok here you go, find some markers like a life guard stand, trash cans of volley ball nets and make a 4 different area of markers about 60 yards…. you are going to do suicides to each marker

1) 1 suicide sprint at the end do 10 sprawls

2) 1 suicide sprint at the end do 10 jump squats

3) Find a Bench and do 30 bench jumps

4) 1 suicide Sprint at the end do 10 dive bombers

5) Kick a soccer ball as far as you can then chase it then grab ball and do 10 Ball Sprawls – 3 sets….


That will kick your butt in just 30 minutes 🙂

Cheap Beach Toys workouts

Age-Defying Fitness Program MMA Fitness

Drago MMA Fitness has found the secret to stop the aging process

Its really hard work but the pay off is well worth it!!!

Age defying, health improving benefits; another positive outcome from Mmaxout fitness. Not only will you achieve weight loss, gain strength, endurance and confidence but you will also improve your lifeline. 
Health & wellness, one of the best ways to maintain and defy age.

If you want to look and feel younger, Mma Fitness can provide you with the proper tools. Our workouts are created and customized for all ages. 

When you put forth the hard work, you achieve success. Mma Fitness may be one of the most intense workouts in the fitness industry but it is also the only program that supplies you with 100% results; given you work hard. Check out some of Drago’s Age Defying Workouts Today