The #1 MMA Fitness program in the world

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Why is it the most optimal time to open a Mmaxout gym?  

In short, Mmaxout, now worldwide, is undeniably the fastest growing fitness program around.  Our license is multiplying, classes are doubling & members are achieving amazing results.  There’s no comparison in the fitness industry when it comes to choosing a gym.  When contemplating opening a gym, you should consider what creates excitement & motivation, what gives your clients long term, permanent results.

And what does that?  Mmaxout fitness:  Mixed Martial Arts Extreme Workout.  Whether you want additional incitement & revenue in your life or your ready to make a complete career change, Mmaxout fulfills both.  Mmaxout fitness is not just a gym.  We are an extraordinary program that incorporates many different principles.  Our program focuses on muscle confusion.  You will be guaranteed radical, energizing workouts that confuse your body into dramatic, lasting results.

Within weeks, you will have an established fitness facility.  Not only will you maintain a large client base, but you will be astounded how quickly that client base multiples.  Success comes from finding the right piece to complete the puzzle.  We, at Mmaxout, are the final piece to the puzzle.  We guarantee you prosperity & success with our program.  Now is the time to accompany our team and open your own Mmaxout gym.  Guaranteed success, guaranteed results and a promising business future!

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MMA Fitness – Kickboxing – Boot Camp – Cross Training – Mixed Martial Arts 

MMAXOUT (Max Interval)


The goal:  Increase reps and strength, high cardio, compete against yourself MAXING out your muscles

Ignite your metabolism with a super intense interval workout.  This stop-and-go cardio workout lengthens your body with muscle Xplosions.  It’s a competition against yourself to increase your rep ability each set while increasing strength.  It sound easy but MAXING yourself each time GUARANTEES a challenge to your body.  Reach beyond your comfort zone to produce unbelievable results.

Talk about a calorie burner 1000 per hour plus this is a very intense full body workout.

Using Max Interval training can boost the results you get from your cardio workout, helping you get the results you want quickly and efficiently.