Business Tip 1

FREE? You said FOR FREE? Marketing Tips that work….Here’s why…

We believe that there is no price tag on investment or commitment. We believe investment and commitment are FREE! We believes in his product and shows his members that he is committed to them. Nothing is more powerful that referral advertisement. It’s free and it works. Why wouldn’t everyone want to use this type of marketing? Well, you have to generate the buzz and back up the walking billboard.

When we say we believes in our product we’re not referring to the service we provides. We are referring to the each and every member. They are the products that walk in and out of his school every day. It’s this great product that brings in more business.

So, the quick tip to increase your BUSINESS BUZZ is to give away something for FREE. Like we say “FOR FREE!!” It doesn’t make sense, you’re losing money, you’re losing inventory… Who cares!

Look at what you’ll gain:

  • It’s as simple as a FREE t-shirt, a magnet, a hat, or even pens.
  • Your product leaves your school looking and feeling great.
  • Now, they leave looking and feeling great while exposing your logo.
  • Then, they look and feel great, expose your logo, and tell others that you gave it to them for FREE for being awesome member of something you’re committed to…. Them!

A billboard that walks and talks positively with enthusiasm and with your logo is IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT!  



Business Tip 2


I believe that one of the biggest reasons why people get stuck in reading and discussing things instead of taking action to change their lives for the better is simply that it is uncomfortable.

But to make real changes in your life you have to step outside your comfort zone. When you are stuck in fear, you get stuck in your comfort zone then you are locked up. You tend to create division in your world and mind. You create barriers between you and other people.

The emotions you experience are often a result of what you focus your mind on. So if you change the way you look at things the things you look at change. What holds us back in our zone of comfort is often a fear or that facing that fear head on might be overwhelming.

Crazy I know, but I just wanted to show you at that moment I had to challenge my fears and just do it.

Overcoming fear is one thing you need to do in order to increase your learning curve greatly. The challenging thing about getting outside your comfort zone is that it puts everything on the line. Your ego, emotions, and ambitions are all out there for the world to see. Many will stand on the sidelines and criticize you.

But you have to look at the whole picture and that is what in life do you want to be, the reason for my success in business is that I step outside of my comfort zone. When I feel that life is beating me down in reality it myself that’s beaten me down. So step out now…

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