The jab is a straight blow delivered (generally from a distance) with the arm above the lead foot … The punch is quick and explosive.” It is generally used to distract, keeping distance, setting up, and defense


A direct straight punch similar to the jab, except delivered with the rear hand. Power is generated through the rotation of the hips


A punch involving the use of your body rotating while aiming toward the side of the head or body.


The fist is raised vertically towards the target, usually the head or upper body. Since most guards are held with the arms in a vertical position, the uppercut can be used to avoid the opponent’s attempts at blocking.


A roundhouse kick is a kick in which the attacker swings his leg around in a semicircular motion, striking with the front of the leg or foot. This type of kick is utilized in many different styles and is popular in both non-contact and full-contact martial arts competitions. The kick has many variations based on stance, leg movement, striking surface, and the height of the kick.


The side kick refers to a kick that is delivered sideways in relation to the body of the person kicking. There are two areas that are commonly used as impact points in sidekicks: the heel of the foot and the outer edge of the foot. The heel is more suited to hard targets such as the ribs, stomach, jaw, temple and chest.


Delivering a front kick involves raising the knee and foot of the striking leg to the desired height and extending the leg to contact the target. The actual strike is usually delivered by the ball of foot.


Drop to a lower squat position. Kick your legs out, extend your arms, and do a pushup. Tuck in your legs as you rise from the pushup and get into a lower squat position. From that squat position you’re in now, jump as high as possible. Come down into a lower squat position.


In addition to training your upper- and lower-body muscles, burpees can improve the health of your heart and lungs. Burpees are a type of anaerobic training high-intensity activity that is short in duration and requires your body to produce energy without the assistance of oxygen. By performing burpees often, you may improve your body’s anaerobic exercise capacity.


The kettlebell windmill exercise resembles a toe touch. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width distance apart. Hold the kettlebell in your right hand with your arm extended overhead and your palm facing forward. Relax your left arm down at your left side. Bend over and slide your left arm down your left leg. Keep your legs straight; don’t bend your knees. Look up at the kettlebell as you descend. Keep your back straight and your right arm fully extended. Lower until you touch the floor with your left hand and then reverse direction.

MMAXOUT Benefits

The kettlebell windmill exercise works your abdominal muscles from a standing position. Your abs flex and rotate your spine while controlling the weight as you lower your body. However, other muscles are also involved in the windmill exercise. Your hamstrings, glutes and lower back are the main movers as you stand up. Your shoulders, triceps and the muscles in your upper back stabilize the kettlebell overhead.


Cross Over’s step-ups: Use a step or bench which is approximately mid-shin to knee height. Put your left foot on the step, with your right foot on the floor and your arms at your sides. Then push down with your left leg and drive your body upward rapidly, switching support (hopping) from left foot to right foot as your body reaches its maximal vertical height.

With your right foot supporting your body, lower the left foot to the floor rapidly but under control. Repeat this action continuously, back and forth from foot to foot, without pausing at the top or bottom positions.

MMAXOUT Benefits

The cross overs develops leg strength, power, and dynamic-balance control (coordination). Cardiovascular benefits of this exercise can be increased by speeding up your stepping cadence or by increasing the height of the step. Step heightening also enhances leg-muscle power and improves mobility of the hip and knee joints.


You may need to experiment a bit, using a weight that makes the exercise challenging but achievable. To do the exercise, stand upright with your feet spaced about hip- to shoulder-width apart and your hands supporting the dumbbells in front of your shoulders.

Squat down until your thighs form an angle of 90 degrees with your shins, while maintaining a reasonably upright posture with your torso and while keeping your hands in front of your shoulders. Then rise quickly from the squat position while pressing the weight overhead simultaneously. Both arms and legs should reach full extension at the same time

Then lower the weight in a controlled fashion to the starting position. Repeat this three-count movement smoothly and continuously.

MMAXOUT Benefits

Squats to presses increase strength and power in your legs, hips, low back, abdominals, shoulders, and arms


Stand with your feet about one-and-a-half to two shoulder widths apart, toes pointed slightly out. Hold the outside edges of the weight plate with your arms straight and hands at 3 and 9 o’clock.  Maintaining the natural curve in your lower back, bend your knees slightly and lean forward about 45 degrees, hinging at the hips and allowing the plate to hang between your knees. Keeping your weight on your heels and your arms straight, simultaneously drive your hips forcefully forward and straighten your knees, allowing the weight to swing forward and up until your hands are above your head. As the weight swings down and back to its original position, allow your knees to bend and your torso to hinge forward

MMAXOUT Benefits

The swing ramps up the metabolic demands of the complex right from the start, says Fleming. It requires lots of action from the entire back side of the body.


From the starting position, put your left foot onto the side of box. Use the muscle of the left leg to bring the right foot powerfully up off the floor. As soon as the left leg is extended bring the right foot back down to the floor. Leave the left foot up on the box and perform an entire set with the left leg in the top position. When you have finished a set with the left leg in the top position, reverse feet and repeat with the right leg in top position

MMAXOUT Benefits
The one leg step-up is a simple and effective leg exercise that strengthens leg muscles while building balance and leg-muscle control.


The deadlift is very difficult to master, and as such it is crucial to begin light until you have perfected your form. Pay close attention to your form throughout the motion and perform the lift very slowly.

Stance: Place the barbell at the floor and step forwards until it rests directly at your shins. Grip the bar at shoulder width with an alternated grip: one palm facing up and the other facing down. Keep your knees slightly bent and feet pointing forwards.

Posture: Keep your core tense and your back straight. Stick your hips and rear out and keep your shoulders back and tightened.

The Upward Motion: Basically, just straighten your back and stand upGrip the bar tight and push with your feet to raise the weight. Raise your shoulders and push your glutes simultaneously. In the lower half of the movement, you should feel your hamstrings and glutes performing most of the work.

When the bar begins to near your waistline it will begin to shift the force to your lower back. Continue straightening until you are completely upright, with the bar resting against your waist-upper thigh region.In this second portion you will need to shift your weight to the heels in order to retain balance and target the hamstrings and back.

The Lowering Motion: Slowly lower the weight to the floor, with the same emphasis on posture and form as in the eccentric portion. Regain your balance and begin again. Do not drop the weight or use momentum to lower it, as this will negate the emphasis of the exercise and may cause injury.

MMAXOUT Benefits 

Because the deadlift works so many muscles, particularly your core muscles, it can help reduce lower back pain and improve posture. It is also as great fat burner since you are working so many muscles at once. With all of those muscles getting a workout, you can end up boosting your metabolism as well.

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