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MMAXOUT Training

MMAXOUT Warrior Fit Challenge is a Human Performance Based Strength and Conditioning Program designed to educate as well as enhance all aspects of:

Stamina & Strength

Power & Flexibility

Speed & Agility

Coordination & Balance

Cardiovascular & Respiratory Endurance

MMAXOUT Warrior Fit Challenge is a unique blend of athletic conditioning, Olympic lifting, power lifting, tire flipping, sledge hammer, fighter conditioning and various forms of high intensity cardiovascular training rolled up into a 30-45 minute butt kicking workout. Everyday is something completely different, challenging and fun. You never do the same boring workout routine twice. MMAXOUT Warrior Fit Challenge you are performing movements in short high intensity cardiovascular training sessions for everyday people interested in improving their total body health and fitness.

MMAXOUT Warrior Fit Eating Plan is proven method to help burn 9 Times The Fat of your body…

12 Weeks of intense indoor and outdoor training

Your sign up date starts your 12 week course


The Hottest Fitness program is sweeping the nation

When is the last time you really enjoyed your workout? Do you feel that there is something lacking in your usual routine?

MMAXOUT Fitness has become one of the hottest fitness workouts and with good reason! MMAXOUT Fitness program targets all muscles, develops definition and flattens your stomach FAST…

The classes consist of everyday people—college students, mothers, fathers and even grandparents. People of all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds are eagerly heading to the MMAXOUT Fitness classes- and enjoying every minute of it!

The MMAXOUT Fitness program combines plyometrics, kickboxing, kettle bell training, strength, conditioning and explosive interval training for a workout that is sure to make you feel the burn. Abdominal muscles work to stabilize and support the body with almost every single MMAXOUT movement: squats, burpees, pushups, punch combinations, round house kicks, pull-ups, etc. These movement patterns place greater emphasis on the abs working in concert with the rest of the body and will result in stronger abdominal muscles. The MMAXOUT principle is based on the idea that you do an exercise until it burns so badly that you don’t think you can do anymore and then you do a couple more, “maxing out” that muscle group. It’s those couple extra repetitions in “mmaxout mode” that really define the abdominal muscles.

But check this out MMAXOUT Fitness doesn’t do any advertising at all, there members do it all for them… why you ask, because they believe in results… Every member sees dramatic results in just a few short weeks… It’s really amazing and you need to attend a class really soon…

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MMA Fitness Program In Canada MMAXOUT Fitness

Welcome to the MMAXOUT Northern New Brunswick Site

Our goal is simple, get you in the best shape that you have ever been while maximizing your training experience. Whether it is just to get in shape or to prepare for that big fight in the cage, we’ll get you there.

We guarantee to place 100% on your success and progression throughout the time that you commit to us. Your success = our success. What that means is simple, you will not pay to use equipment that you don’t understand and have to figure out on your own, nor will you be allowed to train and quit because you are unmotivated.

We will keep you motivated the whole time that you are with us by offering excellent service, excellent training routines, friendly staff and most of all…RESULTS!

Please go through our site and take the time to read up on our programs that we offer and check out our videos, some of our club and some of our head training facility, headed by Bruce Drogo, owner, and creator of MMAXOUT Fitness Canada.

Fitness Workouts In Canada

​MMAX Interval – This stop-and-go cardio workout lengthens your body with muscle Xplosions.
MMAX Rep -​ It’s you against the clock burning out your muscles and increasing your strength through explosive and muscle shocking movements.
MMAX Lean -​ This discipline takes you beyond your cardio performance by combining strength, balance, flexibility and breathing techniques.
MMAX Xtreme – Kicks, punches, knees and cardio bundled into an XTREME experience!
MMAX Fit – This combines all the workouts into a fun challenging event that gets members sweating with tears…

​MMAX-KICK (Cardio Kickboxing) – High energy, explosive cardio kickboxing class mmaxout style. We keep it pumping and intensely followed by a great core workout.

Combat Fitness (Cardio Bag )- This high energy, hard-hitting, xplosive style class burns calories like nothing else. Using boxing & kickboxing skills as well as Mixed Martial Art based fight motions you will release that inner fighter without having to fight. This is a contact to heavy bag & focus mitt only program, not people.

MMAXOUT Canada Workouts

This is a drill we did at the end of an hour of intense training to finish the night off. This is done the length of the hall with out stopping 4 times and as fast and hard as you can. Looks easy but it kills you when it is at the end of a workout, they had a few choice words for me. …



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Phone: 506-430-0087