Time To Kick That Workout Into Gear

Why are our functional training workouts are proven to work so well?

Mmaxout lasts 30 minutes- resulting in a short workout time that anyone can integrate into their lifestyle.

Mmaxout classes can increase VO2 max for both high intensity and endurance athletes.  VO2 max is the max amount of oxygen a person can use and transport during exercise.  You want this number to be high because it enables us to use more fat as fuel instead of glucose.  Since our fat stores tend to be much higher than glycogen stores, it is preferential to be able to get the highest percentage of fuel from fat during exercise.

Mmaxout incorporates interval training, resistance training, strength training and core work. No exercise equipment needed to get in the best shape of your life!

Outdoor Workouts Are More Fun

First off being outdoors is a natural antidepressant plus it boosts your mental health, challenges your body, access to fresh air, and can burn more calories.

Nice but all workouts are not the same, not even close.

In as little as 30 minutes a day, you will endure an intense conditioning workout that increases your flexibility, power, and speed. At the same time, you’ll experience a “Fitness with an Attitude” that radiates through your entire life, allowing you to tackle the world with confidence, calmness, and poise.

There are no crazy fitness machines to jump on or wasted time at the boring, monotonous gym with NO RESULTS. MMAXOUT Fitness, on the other hand, will provide you with an ingenious fat-burning workout that uses your own body resistance.

Here is an outdoor workout that our clients love 🙂

Ready to jump into a class? How many reps, hmmm will keep you guessing…

6 Min Warm-Up Cardio Kick

Ball suicides oh yeah
Walking weighted lunges
Ground bag punch explosions
Alt Speed Kicks
Pump squats
Push up punches
Kettlebell shoulder press

Where can you get the most intense, fat-burning workout in as little as 30 minutes? Mmaxout’s functional fitness high intensity workouts guarantee you the most effective results possible in just 30 minutes. Exceedingly 100% more successful than going to a franchise gym and strictly doing your typical cardio and weight routine. The best thing about our 30-minute workout is it will not only be the most effective but it will be the most intense as well.

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Functional Fitness Tire & SLEDGEHAMMER Workout

First Watch The Video To Learn How To Properly Swing A Sledge Hammer. Master The Swing Before Yo Doing Any Workout With A Sledgehammer…


10 Swings Left Arm

10 Swings Right Arm

10 Squat Thrust – Video On Squat Thrust

10 Swings Left Arm

10 Swings Right Arm

10 Squat Thrust

10 Push-Ups

10 Swings Left Arm

10 Swings Right Arm

10 Squat Thrust

10 Push Up

10 Dive Bombers

10 Swings Left Arm

10 Swings Right Arm

10 Squat Thrust

10 Push-Ups

10 Dive Bombers

10 Diamond Push-Ups

Take A Min Break

Round 2 Go In Reverse…

Need A Trainer? Let’s Rock… Workouts At Your Home, Gym, and or Outdoors email at ilovemyfitbody@gmail.com

Melt Fat Forever With This Amazing Workout

For this workout, you will need a Ground Bag Or Padded Pillow

Start with 1 of each exercise, then 2 of each exercise until you hit 12 of each exercise.

Squat Front Kick (per leg)

Squat Thrust


Bag Pass (per side)

20 Explosive Punches (this count stays the same)

Take your time and build yourself up. Try this twice a week until you can do all sets without stopping 

Extra Workout – Pushups 30 Sec With A 10 Sec Break For 8 Sets Without Stopping…

Intense Ab Workout To Improve Your Endurance

Add this AB workout to your arsenal and build stability, gain endurance, it’s unlike any other abdominal exercise you ever have done before.

Crunches, I don’t think so… They are not the ticket to a slim, lean sexy midsection.  So what makes this ground bag combination of ab exercises so effective? To improve your abs, you need to work your entire core muscles with high intensity.  If you look at any MMA Fighter, their core is incredibly strong to last that long in a fight while getting hit. Incorporating MMA Fitness moves like the video into your ab routine will be the trick on chiseling your midsection.  Our combination of MMA Moves is guaranteed to get that lean sexy abdominal you have been looking for.  

Complete the moves 3 times a week consistently for optimum results!

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Turn Your Body Into A Weapon

Does your workout provide you with all the elements you need to protect yourself? 

Most likely not. 

Where are you going to find a training facility that offers everything from cardiovascular fitness & strength to real self-defense skills?  This is the most beneficial key point of the Fight Back Course! This not only offers the most versatile workouts but throughout their workouts, you will also gain skills in self-defense.  Each and every class at FIght Back is not only a fat-burning, lean muscle building, body toning class.  These classes also cater towards taking those skills learned in class as blocks for protecting yourself.  There is no other facility that will give you an incredible workout using techniques & skills that also count as self-defense skills.

“If I hadn’t joined the Fight Back Course, my life today would not be as positively structured as it is.  I had no idea that I was learning skills to protect myself through their workouts. I was able to protect myself and save my life after being attacked by an ex who I had a restraining order. This is by far the best program I’ve ever taken. Julie W

The Drago Fight Back Course focuses on street fighting. Advice and lessons on street fighting tactics.  Self-defense is a priority in today’s generation. Learning how to protect yourself, allowing yourself to overcome the fear I being attacked.  No other program out there offers a more tactile education on street fighting.


Learn from a Top Protection Specialist with Accumulated black belts, bodyguard experience with world-famous celebrities, politicians, law enforcement, and blue-collar businessmen, and immaculate martial arts knowledge. 

Why Kickboxing Is The Perfect Full Body Workout

One of the most powerful methods of teaching proper punching and striking skills in the fastest, most efficient way is mitt training. Because focus mitts are relatively small, they develop on-point accuracy.  Because they can be moved quickly into different positions, as well as held at different angles, focus mitts are one of the best methods available for working punches in combination.  Focus mitts can be moved dynamically as well as pulled out of the way to develop quick thinking. 

Conditioning is exercise specific.  Not only is combative training such as pad work an excellent, whole-body form of exercise but the conditioning also provides fitness qualities directly relevant to self-defense and fighting.

—> Amazing Ab Workouts <—

Many people undertake ongoing martial arts and self-defense training to get in shape, specifically to lose weight and gain a lean, shredded physique.  Mitt training is STELLAR for fat loss, here’s why:   Fat burning is accomplished most effectively by interval training.  Interval training involves periods of moderate to high-intensity exertion with low-intensity periods to catch your breath and recover your energy in between.  This type of training will increase your metabolism for hours after your workout and you will burn more overall calories and body fat.  Next to losing excess body fat, mitt training will shred your obliques and give you an incredibly fit, toned physique. 

Also great for reducing stress as well as improving mental toughness.  Mitt training in sum: if you want to develop and refine your punching skills quickly, condition your body with fight-related exercise and gain an incredibly fit core, this is for you!

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What Is A HIIT Workout?

100 Pump Push-Ups

50 Box Jump Sprawls

50 Deadlifts

100 Ab V Ups

Classes Starting SOON – – – > Group Sessions

We work with men, women, and teenagers that want to make a serious lifestyle change. 

Whether you want to lose some weight, tone up your body, gain some muscle, protect yourself and your family. We are the right choice for you. 

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Home Full Body Workout

There are no crazy fitness machines to jump on or wasted time at the boring, monotonous gym with NO RESULTS. 

MMAXOUT Fitness, on the other hand, will provide you with an ingenious fat-burning workout that uses your own body resistance.  You work up to a more advanced muscle-building routine that uses simple equipment. Appropriate for any fitness level!  You’ll discover how to increase the intensity of your workout by doing each exercise perfectly for maximum intensity and maximum results — all in a minimum amount of time.

When you increase your intensity, you will trigger maximum muscle growth stimulation. Your muscles will respond to the demands you place on them.

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