Cheap Beach Toys

Cheap Beach Toys = Amazing workouts

If you are beach-bound, pack this beach workout with you. Exercising on the beach isn’t only fun, it’s also a great way to challenge your body. 

Sand provides an uneven surface which makes working out more challenging. Since your body has to work harder to balance, you end up burning more calories. There is also less impact on joints when you do running or jumping in the sand, which means your less prone to injury.

The options to working out on the beach are endless, but here are a few exercise’s you can take on vacation with you. All you need is a beach ball park bench, and maybe some cones, or life guard chair as a marker, to burn crazy calories.

Warm up with 25 push ups, 2 laps of jogging about 100 yards and 25 basic squats

Ok here you go, find some markers like a life guard stand, trash cans of volley ball nets and make a 4 different area of markers about 60 yards…. you are going to do suicides to each marker

1) 1 suicide sprint at the end do 10 sprawls

2) 1 suicide sprint at the end do 10 jump squats

3) Find a Bench and do 30 bench jumps

4) 1 suicide Sprint at the end do 10 dive bombers

5) Kick a soccer ball as far as you can then chase it then grab ball and do 10 Ball Sprawls – 3 sets….


That will kick your butt in just 30 minutes 🙂

Cheap Beach Toys workouts