Bruce The Fit Boss Workout Plan

Bruce The Fit Boss Workout Plan


Check Out Bruce The Fit Boss Workout Plan

Bruce uses his fitness training experience and education to help others achieve their fitness goals. He has a long list of clients both nationally and internationally as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, which include military personnel, body guards, professional fighters, other fitness trainers and private individuals. He travels all over the U.S. instructing health clubs and martial arts and personal trainers to keep them up-to-date on new fitness concepts and ideas.

Bruce designs fitness and nutrition programs custom-fit to the needs of specific clients, intended to keep them motivated and excited about working out. He specializes in body-sculpting, fat-reduction, conditioning and applying boxing and kickboxing routines to workouts.

For Bruce, personal training is not a job; it is his passion. He enjoys what he does and believes that his clients’ success is his also. He is interested in helping clients who are equally passionate and committed to achieving their fitness goals whether they are already in shape and want to reach their next fitness goal or they are completely out of shape and need the help of someone like him.

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Bruce The Fit Boss

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