MMAXOUT Fitness Boot Camp Pennsylvania

MMAXOUT Rope Relay

Goals: Full Body Strength

Duration: 1 hour

Battle Ropes… 


Jog around the oval and follow up with X Squats, Side-side squats, Yoga pushups and Mountain climbers

MMAXOUT Rope Relay

In teams of 4 clients must take it in turns dragging the rope one quarter of the oval. At each quarter the team stops and performs a drill.

Station 1: Seal body rows – 20 each

Station 2: Squat jump length of rope x4

Station 3: Car tire carry and stack

You can have two groups of 4 on this drill at once. One going clockwise and the other anti-clockwise. Other groups should begin on rep challenges.

Clients should be able to carry out this drill by themselves once explained leaving you free to supervise the Rep Challenges.

MMAXOUT Rep Challenges

In groups of 4 clients must complete 200 reps (approx. 50 reps each) of each exercise. Encourage fitter clients to push ahead and do more repetitions for the team.

  1. Inverted rows
  2. 1L Squats (100 ea. leg)
  3. Band shoulder presses
  4. Lateral lunges (100 ea. side)
  5. Hops (200 ea. leg)

When a team gets back from the Rope Relay swap them with a group performing the Rep Challenges. All teams should complete the Rope Relay twice and should finish all Rep Challenges.



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What is MMAXOUT Strength and Conditioning

MMAXOUT is a complete fitness system that is based on the structure of MMA fighters workout without fighting. What this means is that MMAXOUT will give you a total body workout over The key
elements that MMAXOUT focuses on are endurance, strength, power, and
core. This is accomplished through our muti week training program.
Each week is broken up into the following categories: Strength and
Conditioning, Ploy-metrics, Rep Out, Cage Kickboxing and Full Body

The best part about MMAXOUT is that it is designed to cater to people at all levels of fitness. An individual can customize their workout by adjusting their intensity level to best suit their
personal fitness goals.

The results behind MMAXOUT system is an advanced training technique called Muscle fusion, which accelerates the results process by constantly combining moves together so your
muscle never plateaus, and you wont get bored! Whether you want to
get lean, stronger, add muscle, or just get ripped, there’s an
endless variety of ways to mix and match the routines to keep you
motivated and get the fighters fit body everyone wants.


January 2nd and 3rd
MMAXOUT Level 1 Certification
Reading PA Sold Out

January 15th and 16th
MMAXOUT Level 1 Certification
Leesport PA Sold Out

January 30th and 31st
MMAXOUT Level 1 Certification
Muhlenberg PA Sold Out

February 6th and 7th
MMAXOUT Level 1 Certification
Leesport PA Sold Out

February 20th and 21st
MMAXOUT Level 1 Certification
Leesport PA Sold Out

March 13th and 14th
MMAXOUT Level 1 Certification
Leesport PA

March 27th and 28th
MMAXOUT Level 1 Certification
Leesport PA