Free MMA Fitness Business Courses

MMA Fitness Business
Mmaxout, a pioneer in the fitness education commerce has publicized their first sequence of upcoming successful lifestyle expos!  These free seminars are outlined worldwide and offer all attendees an exclusive way to gain more knowledge about the fitness business market.
These seminars will present the fundamentals of proven strategies, offering advice and assistance on acquiring more knowledge on the Mmaxout fitness program and how it works.  Mmaxout also offers other types of knowledge development, such as workshops, seminars, conferences and conscience events.  Whether contemplating about a lifestyle surrounded by health and fitness or wanting to comprehend the system more lucidly, this pioneer provider of educational services simplifies it.
Mmaxout fitness instructors and staff are an assembly of prosperous gym owners who have spent an abundance of time in the fitness industry.

Opening a MMA Fitness Gym

MMA Fitness Business

MMAXOUT Strength Conditioning School:

Clientele 101

Welcome to MMAXOUT Strength Conditioning School!

During this first class you’ll learn the fundamentals of building a clientele base of 400 + members in 6 months or less. Here’s the syllabus…You’ll learn what we did, how we did it, the results when done right, and how easy it is for you to use. Take it from us, we increased business from 15 to over 400 members and are now opening multiple locations in less than 6 months using these few simple rules broken down into a few simple chapters.

Chapter 1: What we did.

One of the most important tools essential for cutting overhead and creating local buzz is available in free advertising. There’s no sense in spending money that you’re not making. Don’t buy into believing that you have to spend money to make money. It’s obvious that when members spend money on you it’s because you’re worth it. Potential customers see more value in how your members spend money then how you spend money. So its time show them what you’re worth!

Chapter 2: How we did it.

As stated in chapter 1 everything you need to reach your target market (and more) is available in free advertising. Start by reaching out to other local businesses and community groups to support each other’s success. This is as simple as asking to place a few business cards on the counter for customers to grab at their time of purchase or during an event. Additionally, offer to place other businesses cards in your brochures and make a few referrals for them who will mention you by name. Lesson #1 “NOTHING TRAVELS LIKE WORD OF MOUTH.”

What we use as our main campaign is what we call “Talking Billboards”. Talking Billboards are members who are enthusiastic about our program and who we know will be enthusiastic when telling others. These members don’t have to be your most fit or toned. In fact, the best billboards are ones where others can see the results happening right before their eyes. So, like that of partnering with other businesses and community groups’ lesson #1 still applies. People will trust what they can see and hear, a walking and talking billboard.

Use your website to filter, track, promote, and communicate. If there is one item that deserves TLC and money it’s your website. Never forget the 6 B’s of marketing. Always go Big, Bold, and Brief to get the Biggest Bang for your Buck. Everything you do to market and advertise should call action to your website. It’s here that people will get a second introduction to your program and the affirmation needed to sign up. Before and after pictures with testimonials are the perfect ways to show people your guaranteed results.

Have you caught on the theme of our first chapter yet? Let your existing members do your advertising, recruiting, customer service, and retention for you! While this is a win-win situation don’t think that it isn’t guided by a few extra tricks learned later in the course.

Need to know a trick now? Give something away for free!! Think we’re crazy? If you give something away for free…ANYTHING…a shirt, a pen, free lessons (WHO CARES) it is a guarantee that others will hear about your good deed. Everyone wants something for free and they love to tell others about it.

Chapter 3: The results.

We could have spent thousands of dollars in newspaper ads, highway billboards, commercials, radio advertisements and the like. Instead, we increased business from 15 members to over 400 members in less than 6 months without creating a dime of additional overhead advertising expenses. Save yourself the time and the money. Create a “buy in” effect with every member you have because they are the greatest marketing tool at your disposal.

Our biggest result? Other than each and every member committed every day to better living, our biggest result is more free time. We unloaded the burden of wasting our time outside the program and invested it into the program. Now we can focus on what matters, our members, and they know they can rely on us.

Clientele 101 free tip…

Our program and marketing strategies cast a shadow over competitors because it is shredded of gimmicks and schemes others use to gain membership. Reach beyond your target markets by kicking old marketing and advertising habits out the window and generate business buzz FOR FREE!


Bruce The Fit Boss

Fitness Motivation

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When You say Fitness You say MMAXOUT

Total body workout exercises are prevalent in effective plyometric and light weight resistance training programs.  Alternating between vertical and horizontal movements incorporates cardio conditioning with strength training.  Total body means that your major muscle groups are incorporated in each or in a series of movements.

An example of an exercise that works multiple muscles is a MMAXOUT burpee.  This move is common because it is effective.  The sprawl works shoulders and abs up into the jump adding a cardio push and a squatted landing for quads.  Total body doesn’t mean every muscle of the human composition.  It means a multiple muscle attack for results.

Many exercisers will isolate muscles during a workout and then add a cardio such as elliptical, biking or running.  A more effective and calorie burning style of workout is to combine elements of isolation and cardio into a single movement.  It saves time, produces results and keeps the workout interesting.

Total body workout exercises don’t have to be a daily routine.  However, part of what keeps the fat shredding off the body is the concept of muscle confusion.  Throwing combination moves that incorporate many major muscle groups will facilitate more visible progress.  Since a total body look is what most desired, it’s important to use total body workout exercises.

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