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Total body workout exercises are prevalent in effective plyometric and light weight resistance training programs.  Alternating between vertical and horizontal movements incorporates cardio conditioning with strength training.  Total body means that your major muscle groups are incorporated in each or in a series of movements.

An example of an exercise that works multiple muscles is a MMAXOUT burpee.  This move is common because it is effective.  The sprawl works shoulders and abs up into the jump adding a cardio push and a squatted landing for quads.  Total body doesn’t mean every muscle of the human composition.  It means a multiple muscle attack for results.

Many exercisers will isolate muscles during a workout and then add a cardio such as elliptical, biking or running.  A more effective and calorie burning style of workout is to combine elements of isolation and cardio into a single movement.  It saves time, produces results and keeps the workout interesting.

Total body workout exercises don’t have to be a daily routine.  However, part of what keeps the fat shredding off the body is the concept of muscle confusion.  Throwing combination moves that incorporate many major muscle groups will facilitate more visible progress.  Since a total body look is what most desired, it’s important to use total body workout exercises.

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