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The MMAXOUT Fightwear/ clothing line is becoming the hottest selling product in Gyms, Health clubs, MMA Gyms and martial arts schools world wide…

The MMAXOUT fashion is amazing as it’s so durable and affordable that whatever your budget you can pull off an authentic street look.  MMAXOUT clothing is unique and bold that you can put together all manner of pieces which are functional yet look great at all times.  Vivid colors and contrasts of color are a key theme running through all areas of MMAXOUT wear this year, and street styling gives you a nod with fantastic dark t-shirts and sweats with bright prints and detail.

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The Hottest New Workout Wear

MMAXOUT Bodywear is a Florida-based clothing retailer specializing in exercise and workout clothing for both women and men. You’ll find an endless amount of products from top brand name designers, all at prices that won’t send you running away!

Choose from our many different styles, colors, materials and sizes to find the perfect fit for whatever active adventure you decide to embark on!

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MMAXOUT Fitness Gain Huge Success That Started in a Recession

MMAXOUT Fitness Gain Huge Success That Started in a Recession

Why do some companies succeed? Usually it’s because the founders recognized a market need and filled it. Identifying that need — whether it’s related to fitness, travel or even streamlining how businesses operate — is the key to any thriving enterprise, regardless of the economic environment in which it begins.

But a recession can in reality be the ideal time for launching a company. In fact, many well-known and successful organizations were born during an economic slump.


MMAXOUT APPAREL Line gains amazing feedback from customers about the image of prints on the shirts and the material itself… MMAXOUT Fitness states we can’t keep them in stock they are blowing off the shelves as fast as we get them. It’s a big thing and we are excited of how well it’s doing in such a short period of time… To order your MMAXOUT gear you may go to MYMMAXOUTBODY and click on the store page and for Gym owners you may contact the BOLD LOOK for a wholesale account.

Let’s Talk about MMAXOUT Fitness

Comprehensible, effective, stimulating, and teachable program.  These are some of the most common words to describe the hottest and most results guaranteed program rushing through America.  Everyone from enthusiast to health risk will benefit from MMAXOUT.  We declare that each and every person with health and fitness goals are front and center each step of the way.  And now, we are finally here!

Don’t get it wrong.  We didn’t just sit down and say this is what works for everyone, end of story.  We ran and reran varied versions of the MMAXOUT program in their classes to evaluate the response and effectiveness for each member of their school.  The components that MMAXOUT focuses on our core, stamina, intensity, and strength. Each phase incorporates an increased intensity through Strength and Conditioning, Plyo-metrics, Repping Out, Cage Kickboxing and Full Body core.

MMAXOUT doesn’t stop at helping reach fitness goals.  We certify personal trainers too!  Each time you come and train, you will be coached under the supervision of a Certified Personal Trainer, and each workout is designed to teach you proficiency that will get you better results than you’ve ever had in the past.  We’re a coaching and training facility–not a gym. You don’t pay for use of equipment you don’t use; you’re paying for top-notch coaching and instruction to ensure your success in all aspects of fitness training and nutrition.

Each Trainer is personally developed and approved to deliver MMAXOUT correctly every time.  This isn’t a 2 hour certification program.  MMAXOUT supports each Trainer through an extensive training program, continual online and onsite support, and mandatory yearly trainings.  We are a group of dedicated Personal Trainers and fitness coaches with an atmosphere of support and camaraderie to anyone willing to put in the work.  Our next article sheds light on the Repping Out stage of a Personal Trainers regime.

Bruce Lee once said “Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s potential.”   MMAXOUT aspires to improve quality of life and develop Your potential through exceptional personal training with a program that’s scientifically proven to guarantee results.

So I bet you’re asking what makes MMAXOUT the perfect program for almost everyone.  Well, as I stated earlier, with You in mind during its creation we wanted MMAXOUT to be comprehensible, effective, stimulating and teachable.  Here’s how.

Comprehensible.  MMAXOUT has taught fitness through many disciplines and at many levels for years.  This expertise provided MMAXOUT an understanding for the need to cater and customize each workout to each person, not to each group by classification of beginner, advanced, or expert.

Effective.  MMAXOUT sought the professionalism of a PhD to evaluate and provide realistic expectations for results.  THE RESULTS ARE REAL!  In addition to the scientific proof we have also included supplemental and nutritional guidelines to convey what the body needs to function at top performance levels.  Our PhD has figured these guidelines into MMAXOUT’s successful program offering a complete package!

A great example of how MMAXOUT produces real results is through Repping Out, which you’ll learn more in about in our next feature article.  This discipline shreds the body of fat by focusing on one or all muscle groups.  Just don’t stop…the more reps you can do during REP OUT the better!  Pushing you faster and harder during each set increasing reps and decreasing time GUARANTEES you will get stronger and look leaner.  REP OUT motivates you as a fat burning machine dissolving up to 1200 calories per hour!

Stimulating.  No two workouts you receive from a MMAXOUT Certified Personal Trainer are the same!  Not only does this type of conditioning shock and confuse the muscles stripping away muscle memory while defining and toning, but, you’ll never have to think about what you’re going to need to get a great workout.  A MMAXOUT Personal Trainer is specifically certified to complete the workout for you.

Teachable.  The most deconditioned and uncoordinated members can make it through the exact same workout as the most conditioned and coordinated members.  We assure MMAXOUT is user friendly through proper modifications that don’t alienate and are properly guided by a MMAXOUT Personal Trainer.  Believe us, we’ve seen the worst, and they’ve only gotten better.  Stay tuned for our second article focusing on the Repping Out stage of MMAXOUT!

After offering all of these great features you need to know what everyone’s getting excited about with MMAXOUT!!  Let’s start with the fact that MMAXOUT is coming to you.  Locations are opening without hindrance and you don’t want to miss your chance to get in the best shape of your life!  Keep checking our website or become a MMAXOUT affiliate and bring it local by becoming a MMAXOUT Certified Personal Trainer.

If you can’t be a Trainer and you don’t find a location near you, DON’T WORRY.  MMAXOUT is available at home.  Our easy to follow DVD series can be purchased online for an easy solution to your weight loss struggles.  Step by step, never mundane, and still scientifically proven to guarantee the same results as in the gym.

Don’t think that having just the DVD’s will be enough?  Go to MMAXOUT.com and subscribe to our live online streaming to get the newest and most innovative workouts daily.  This comes stacked with nutritional and supplemental support guiding your healthy and fit lifestyle indefinitely.

Just when you thought you’ve been offered everything, MMAXOUT asks what we can do next for you.  If it’s not an accessible location, our DVD series, Personal Trainer certifications, or online streaming access then you tell us what you need to make the change, take the next step, and get MMAXOUT.

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Tire Throw 2 attempts

Tire Pull hand over hand



Accurate Kick (Standing) 2 attempts

Double round kick, one low and one high.  Scored byaccuracy to center of a bull’s-eye.


30 Second Speed Kick

Most alternating kicks possible in 30 seconds.

Must hear leg tap on the bag.


30 Second Speed Punch

Most alternating punches possible in 30 seconds.

Must hear glove tap on bag.


Endless Kick (Alternating)

Kicker will kick until they can no longer kick.

Will be scored by kicks per second.

Time ends at 10 minutes.

Must hear leg tap on the bag.


Endless Punch (Jab Cross)

Puncher will punch until they can no longer punch.

Will be scored by punches per second.

Time ends at 10 minutes.

Must hear glove tap on bag.


Accurate Kick (Jumping) 2 attempts

Scored  by accuracy to center of a bull’s-eye.  Single kick.


Accurate Punch (double jab, low+high) 2 attempts

Scored by accuracy to center of a bull’s-eye.



Kettlebell Swings

Most swings possible.  Max time 5 minutes.  Scored by time/reps.


Strongest ABS

Hanging with knees to chest.  Ranked by time able to hold the position.

Ladder Challenge

Stepping and agility movement through a ladder on the floor.  Exampled before competition.  Single point deductions for incorrect movements, stepping on the ladder.  Scored on accuracy and time.



Scored by total number accomplished in one hang.



Scored by the number of pushups accomplished in 1 minute.

Special thank you…..

Chase Insurance Associates for donating all of the water for the games!

Shurfine Foods for donating the fruit and snacks!

201 West for the use of the parking lot and support!

All of our members, trainers and family who have contributed to the success of our business and helping put MMAXOUT Games together!!

~MMAXOUT~ raw and inside

If you think you’ve seen and experienced it all in fitness you’re WRONG!

MMAXOUT is a fully functional and proven strength and conditioning program that will literally KICK YOUR BUTT INTO SHAPE!


Forget what you’ve been told and think you’ve learned about how to look and feel great, TRUST MMAXOUT!

~ MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, so it’s really no surprise that its now one of the best conditioning workouts ever, and it’s unlike anything you have ever seen before.

~MMAXOUT is an extreme fitness system that is based on the makeup of a MMA fighter’s workout without the fighting.


The components that MMAXOUT focuses on are core, stamina, intensity, and strength. Each phase incorporates an increased intensity through Strength and Conditioning, Plyo-metrics, Repping Out, Cage Kickboxing and Full Body core.

Show us a program that GUARANTEES RESULTS and keeps you stimulated every time…we love a challenge!