Boot Camp X


The non traditional boot camp, non military-like yet simple to do class. Let us get you in solid shape with our new Bootcamp X: an incredibly effective workout. Bootcamp X is slightly less intense then our typical Mmaxout classes, perfect for all ages and fitness levels. We incorporate battle ropes, tires, jogs, boxes and multiple other variations to give you the best workout possible. Core strengthening and total body toning: this program offers versatility, always exciting.

Now one of our most popular and exciting class just for new members! Get ready to sweat, burn and fight off those calories NOW! You will tone your muscles, improve overall strength, relieve stress and frustration and best of all it’s FUN!

Enjoy our energizing, fast-pace, 45-minute BOOT CAMP X workout today. Kickboxing is easy to learn and is totally different from any workout you have ever experienced. It’s a workout you’ll look forward to everyday!

Boot Camp X resistance training is like no other workout, you will build long, lean, flexible muscle and burn unwanted fat more efficiently. 

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Boot Camp

Eat less more often. Continually keeping your body away from a state of starvation promotes a higher metabolism. Higher metabolisms continually burn energy and in turn fat. Additionally, simply being more muscular boosts your body’s need to burn more energy.

Choose Low Fat Alternatives. Think about it. If you’re not excessively adding fat to your diet then your body will have a better chance to burn what’s already built up.

Eat Breakfast. Starting your day with good blood sugar levels will help keep your energy levels high throughout the day. Higher energy will burn more fat.

Commit. If you’ve spent the past 5 or even 10 years letting yourself go and getting out of shape don’t expect results the next day. Commit to your program and monitor results, don’t obsess, don’t give up. Give yourself a chance.

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