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5:30 pm and 6pm arrive 10 min early to warm up…. 


Fees: No Contracts – No Initial Fees

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Exercise makes you feel good

Here are four ways exercise can help elevate your mood:

1.   As you exercise, your brain releases endorphins which make you feel good
When you exercise, you increase the natural pain killers in your body called endorphins. Endorphins work much like man-made stimulants. Once endorphins enter the bloodstream, your emotional frame of mind becomes more positive. Endorphins work much like any other drug. The differences between endorphins and pharmaceuticals are: endorphins are safer, they’re always available when needed, and they are much stronger than pharmaceuticals.

2.   Exercise improves your circulation and your feel alive

Fatigue, headaches and other ailments associated with poor circulation may all disappear during a regular fitness regimen. When your blood pumps faster, your circulation increases. Greater circulation can make you feel awake, alert and alive. When you’re enjoying the day and feeling refreshed, you’ll ward off feelings of depression more effectively.

3.   Make friends and socialize through exercise

If the physiological benefits of exercise don’t get you excited, the social ones will. You may want to begin an exercise program simply for the interactive value. It’s a great way to meet people, make friends and have fun socializing. You’ll get to laugh, talk, play and go places with others who are facing some of the same issues in their lives. Talking about your feelings and laughing more reduces depression.

4.    Getting in shape, your body looks better, you feel better

As you get in better shape, your body looks better physically. Pounds come off, muscles begin to show, skin looks healthier and you carry yourself differently. It doesn’t take long before others notice and compliment you. When you look in the mirror you’ll like what you see more and naturally feel better. Thats why Mmaxout Fitness has become the most popular fitness program in the area.

How much exercise is enough?
No one knows the optimal amount of exercise needed for mental health. For endurance athletes, research shows that too much of a good thing can actually be detrimental to mood; athletes who over train can exhibit signs of mood disturbances until their training is reduced. At this point, the best advice is to exercise moderately and often. When you do, you’ll look better, make friends and enjoy the natural mood elevators your body produces. As a result, you’ll find you’re less depressed and enjoying life more!

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5 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. I am in need of weight loss and stress relief and feel boxing/kick boxing would be a good outlet for both. But I have no history of boxing so if I sign up for those classes will I be taught correct techniques or are there beginner classes?

    • Yes, we teach all the basics when you take our classes and build yourself up with different combinations. The great thing about our classes each trainer goes around the room to make sure everyone is doing the proper form and techniques in every class. Hope to see you soon 🙂

      • What is all involved in the personal training? Also how much does it cost for personal training? And registration fee is 50 and if I do the kick boxing class it is an additional 50?

  2. The personal training is custom to your needs, depends on the length of session and if you want nutrition plan along with it also… best to do is call and set up an appointment or fill out our form online. Thanks 🙂

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