MDX Defense

MDX defense training

Techniques of Self-Defense

  • Defense against punches and kicks and other strikes
  • Escapes and releases from chokes, bear hugs and other grappling techniques
  • Defense against cold weapons: knives, clubs, etc.
  • Defense against hot weapons; guns, other firearms, automatic weapons
  • Defense against multiple attackers

Hand-to-Hand Combat

  • Various types of arm blows including all hand parts, arms and elbows
  • Various types of kicks including all foot parts with/without shoes and various knee strike tactics
  • Ground survival techniques including combat neutralizing grappling techniques – pinching, tendon and muscle tearing, hard core submission (breaking) techniques and defenses against weapon deployment

This method has been proven very effective as a tool to train people quickly to be able to deploy the MDX system in combative situations upon completing only three months of training. Our practitioners are exposed to the entire core system in that time. They have learned and trained in what would have been reserved as advance material in other more traditionally structured systems. They may then begin training in the armed self-defense components of MDX.

MDX is a blend of Israeli martial arts,  full contact fighting  American military systems,  gun and knife disarms as well as other strategies and tactics.  You will also find elements of BJJ, Muay Thai, Russian Sambo and American Kick Boxing all brought together in one complete and street effective program

What You Need For Classes: Wraps, Gloves, Towel and plenty of water 


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