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Group Classes

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  1. I have not exercised in months (or never)

Mmaxout is the perfect way to kick start your workout program. Our group classes are great for every level—whether you want high intensity or low impact we have the class for you. Our trainers will motivate you and encourage you but NEVER push you past your level of comfort.

2. I have a gym membership?

Are you one of the many people who pay a monthly membership to a gym for equipment you have no idea how to use? Do you wait in line to use the treadmill or elliptical? Are you seeing results?

If this sounds familiar then is time to MMAXOUT!
Most of our members had gym memberships elsewhere before they started our program. They were bored with the same workout day in and day out and felt “stuck”. They were discouraged with their progress, not seeing the results they desired. Within weeks of starting MMAXOUT they noticed a difference in their overall attitude, physique and fitness level.

3. I hate the gym?

Gyms are very misleading. I myself have spent years at commercial gyms, and I feel that the atmosphere within the commercial gym environment is rapidly declining.  You’re only allowed to do certain things with certain bits of equipment. It’s almost like commercial gyms are designed to help you remain average. An extremely limiting environment. Not to mention, most commercial gyms seem to employ trainers that don’t look like they have ever set foot in a gym before, and love to insist on correcting you if they feel you aren’t doing a particular exercise correctly. Which in some cases is ok, some people need some direction. Majority of people don’t have the wisdom to tell the difference. We are not a gym.  We are a class setting training facility committed to getting you in the best shape of your life. Our trainers will challenge you with intense, efficient, fat incinerating workouts in a non-intimidating environment. 

4. What is if I can’t keep up?

Our workouts are designed for all fitness levels. Our trainers will always provide you with modifications for each exercise to assure you have a safe and effective workout.

Serving – Wyomissing – Shillington – Sinking Spring – Kenhorst – Adamstown – Reading – West Reading – Spring Twp – Bernville – Mt Penn – Mohnton – Exeter – West Lawn